Gold IRA vs. Silver IRA

When considering the best investments for your retirement fund, one question that inevitably arises is whether you should build your IRA around gold or silver. While both precious metals are excellent options that allow you to diversify your portfolio away from ordinary stocks and bonds, thereby protecting you from the volatilities of an uncertain market, there are some significant differences between the two. To give you a better idea of which type of investment is better for you out of gold and silver ira, here’s a brief overview of a gold IRA vs. a silver IRA.

gold and silver coins

Benefits of a gold IRA

  • Liquidity: Unlike bonds and other long-term financial instruments, gold is a highly liquid asset that can readily be converted back into cash whenever you need it.
  • Purchasing power protection: The purchasing power of gold is superior to any fiat currency on the planet. To understand this, you need simply consider what you could have bought with one US dollar a hundred years ago compared to what you can buy with that same dollar today. Now make a similar comparison using an ounce of gold as the standard, and you can see wherein lies the power of this precious metal.
  • Hedge against global economic meltdowns: Rampant inflation, record governmental debt, and national currency collapses are commonplace occurrences in today’s global economy, which puts most investment vehicles at risk. But gold tends to hold its value through these crises, making it a good hedge against uncertainty.

Benefits of a silver IRA:

  • Affordability: Compared to gold, silver presents average investors with a very affordable way to add precious metals to their IRA or investment portfolio.
  • Growth potential: Because the price of an ounce of silver is relatively low today, there’s a lot of room for future growth and profits if you get in at current prices.
  • Industrial use: Silver has many uses in industries as varied as electronics, sanitation, and medicine. This industrial demand can go a long way towards helping ensure that silver maintains its intrinsic value well into the future.

As you can see, both gold IRAs and silver IRAs have distinct benefits that make them sound investments for your retirement. Fortunately, with American Bullion you don’t have to choose – you can have both under the same account. We offer a variety of precious metal IRA options, each featuring only highly reputable products. Contact American Bullion today for more information and to discuss what investment option is best for you.