Investing in Silver

Silver has been recognized as a currency and store of value for over 4,000 years. It offers many of the same benefits as gold and can be added to an Individual Retirement Account.

Silver has been the foundation of wealth as a monetary basis for centuries.
It has timeless value and can easily be passed on to future generations.

There’s No Denying that the Stock Market Has Been on a Tear. But Did You Know that Silver Has More Than Doubled Market Performance Since 2000?

Let’s say you had $100,000 on January 1, 2000 invested in the NASDAQ Index, your portfolio would be worth $199,725 in June 2018.

Or, let’s say you had the same money in the S&P 500 Index. Your investment would have gained more than 98%!

That same money, invested in silver would have yielded a portfolio worth $318,476!

June 2018 results on $100,000 Invested in January 2000



S&P 500








If you invested in silver in 2018 and bought $100,000 worth of silver, your silver would be worth $125,454. Thus investing in silver is a great way to create a profitable future for yourself.

benefits of investing in silver

Benefits of Investing In Silver

It is  in High Demand

Silver is an extremely valuable commodity that will always be in high demand in most sectors.

The mining sector is waning as the world changes. Miners are no longer taking on as many projects as they once did. Even though it is not mined as much before, silver is still in high demand, particularly in the fashion industry.

Furthermore, more sectors value them now than ever before. This is because other financial transactions, savings, and investment transaction platforms are fraught with uncertainty. Because of the significant increase in demand for silver, its worth has risen significantly in recent years.

demand of silver

Topnotch Generational Investment

If you’re looking for the perfect assets to leave behind for upcoming generations, silver may be the answer. It would help if you considered putting your money into precious metals like silver and passing them to your children and their children. This is also a great investment option because the value of precious metals like silver increases over time.

Silver can become so rare and expensive that the few that remain on the market sell for three times their original value. In such cases, your future generations will benefit greatly from your investment. Furthermore, precious metals like silver could suffice as heirlooms for future generations to recognize and appreciate you.

Silver from many centuries ago is still in use presently, and its values have also risen even further.

silver value

It has A Universal Value

The intrinsic value of silver remains constant. Silver persists no matter if you’re in the world!

Silver is known and valued worldwide;  a silver necklace would have the same value in Australia as in the United States. This is due to its ubiquity. If you invest in silver, you will have financial security and certainty for your silver regardless of whether you stay in your current location or move elsewhere.

It is inflation-proof

Unlike other inflation-sensitive investments, silver is inflation-proof. Silver is not affected by whether the value of a country’s currency falls or rises.

According to historical data, silver is well-known for performing well even during economic downturns and depressions.

Unlike most physical assets, which depreciate over time, silver appreciates or maintains its value. Furthermore, it outperforms most other types of investments during global crises.

silver is inflation proof

High liquidity rate

Silver, unlike other inflation-sensitive investments, is inflation-proof. Silver is unaffected by the worth of a country’s currency.

Silver is famous for doing well during market crises and depressions, according to historical data.

Unlike many other physical assets, silver either increases or maintains its value over time. Furthermore, during global crises, it outperforms most other types of investments. More investors are converting their investments to precious metals like silver for financial stability during the coronavirus pandemic.

Highly Valued Physical Possession

When you own a valuable physical item, you are sheltered from a market crash, internet outage, investment fraud, and other calamities. You can also take your silver with you to protect it in an emergency. This makes silver investing completely worthwhile.

Although possessing silver is desirable, you must ensure it is kept in a secure location. It is also a good idea to have them covered by insurance against theft. Investing in silver is a good thing as long as you protect them from harm.

Another reason why investing in silver is advantageous. Compared to most other investments, silver has very high levels of liquidity.

Because it’s valued, transforming silver into cash is simple. Furthermore, you can convert it wherever you are in the world or wherever you go.

Furthermore, you will be paid the correct amount in cash. Meanwhile, the uncertainty in most other investments is extremely high today. Other investments may depreciate or even be siphoned due to unfavorable economic tides.

This Investment Gives You Privacy

Investing in silver gives you privacy. With precious metals, your private investment remains just that. You would also be able to remain anonymous without anyone knowing your true worth, and you’ll also be able to make investment decisions in private easily.

silver possession

How Much Silver Should I Own?

For a good reason, silver has been dubbed “poor man’s gold.” Despite having lesser value than gold, it is a great hedge against uncertainty and currency depreciation.

Compared to most assets, including gold, silver is hugely undervalued at current prices. One ounce of silver is worth 85 times less than one ounce of gold, but it protects your wealth. Because silver is so inexpensive, anyone can buy small amounts regularly and accumulate a sizable portfolio over time.

As a result, many experts advise a precious metal portfolio of 75 percent gold and 25 percent silver.

This is because the price of silver is more volatile than that of gold and thus has a greater effect on the value of your bullion portfolio as its price rises and falls.

When deciding how much gold and silver to keep in your portfolio, remember the main reason you buy gold bullion in the first place: to protect yourself from global financial disaster.

Given the volatile economic environment, purchasing precious metals now makes viable investment sense, both from a hedging and reliable haven standpoint, as well as the potential returns in the medium to long term.

Investing in silver can reduce the overall volatility of your retirement portfolio and play a part in your efforts to create a safe, stable, and profitable future.

For those who are cautious about precious metals investing, silver is a great place to start. Silver IRA is affordable and can be used as a stepping stone to the world of precious metals.


Savvy investors know the importance of owning a wide variety of investments. You may already have gold coins or bars in your portfolio, so why not diversify even further by adding silver?

Room for Growth

Because silver’s price per ounce is relatively low, there is plenty of room for growth. As inflation keeps climbing, so should the value of silver and other precious metals.

Industrial Demand

In addition to being a popular investment, silver is also valued for its many industrial uses. Silver plays an integral role in several industries, including medicine, technology, electronics, and sanitation.

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