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    Our guide provides a quick overview of the history of gold values and trends, and explains the fundamental benefits gold can provide. It also helps answer some important questions you may have, such as the following:

    • Why put gold in my IRA?
    • How does the Gold IRA rollover process work?
    • What types of retirement accounts can be converted to gold?
    • How can I make a cash purchase of gold?
    • What are some popular products I can purchase?

    It’s never too late to invest in your future, so start today!

    How can I get more information on purchasing gold?

    For more information on investing in gold and other precious metals, please browse the information on our website, including the American Bullion Gold IRA Infographic. It contains an easy to understand, informative overview of the benefits of investing in gold, including specific details about setting up a Precious Metals IRA.

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    Gold has been the foundation of wealth and a monetary base for centuries. Steve Forbes once said “Gold is a constant. It’s like the North Star.” It has timeless value and can easily be passed on to future generations. American Bullion has created a Free Gold Guide to help investors learn how owning gold can help protect their retirement while giving them peace of mind. This easy-to-read guide will help you understand your options for owning gold and answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding adding physical gold or silver to an Individual Retirement Account.

    Why should I own gold in my IRA?

    Physical gold and other precious metals offer true diversification and solid protection for any portfolio. Gold can reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio and help you create a safe, stable future for you and your loved ones. While other investments may falter, gold and other precious metals offer the comfort and security of physical possession, intrinsic value, immediate accessibility, simplicity, and ease of liquidity worldwide.

    How can I own gold?

    You have two options for owning gold. The first is purchasing gold with your retirement account. You purchase gold using funds from your IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan, and the gold is stored in a civilian depository. The second option for owning gold is through a cash purchase for direct delivery. This means gold coins and bars are delivered securely to your home or place of business.