Gold Bullion

What Is Gold Bullion?

Bullion traditionally stands for gold bars, gold coins or other precious metals ingots. The word bullion reportedly originates from the old French word bouillon, which meant “boiling” and was the term for a mint or melting house. Bullion refers to precious metals in bulk form which are regularly traded on commodity markets. The value of gold bullion is typically determined by the value of its content, which is defined by its purity and mass.

Why Invest in Gold Bullion?

Gold has been the foundation of wealth as a monetary basis for centuries. It has timeless value and can be easily passed on to future generations. Facing ongoing crisis in financial markets, the eroding effects of inflation and geopolitical uncertainty, more and more investors are diversifying their paper portfolios with physical precious metals. Here are some of the top reasons why investing in gold can reduce the overall volatility of your retirement portfolio and help you create a safe, stable and profitable future.


Physical gold and other precious metals offer true diversification, solid protection and profit potential for any portfolio.


Aside from being an excellent source of value, gold is considered a liquid asset. It can readily be converted into cash or goods when needed because it’s a globally recognized currency.

Tax-Deferred Growth

One of the most powerful benefits of owning physical precious metals through a Gold IRA is the ability to accumulate growth from your investment on a tax-deferred basis. This powerful incentive is not available through taxable investment vehicles, and provides a unique opportunity to build and preserve your retirement nest egg.

Purchasing Power Protection

In the 1920s, an ounce of gold, worth $20 could easily purchase a high end tailor-made suit. Today, that one ounce of gold still buys a high end tailor-made suit. The U.S. twenty dollar bill, however, will not even cover the cost of a nice tie. Gold’s purchasing power and wealth preservation have a proven track record, even prior to the beginning of our modern financial system.

What Types of Bullion can be included in a Gold IRA?

American Bullion specializes in adding gold bullion to individual retirement accounts. The IRS has regulations on which types of bullion can be added to a Gold IRA. For a full list of metals, contact an American Bullion gold rollover specialist at 1-800-326-9598. Some of the most common IRA approved coins and bars are:

  • American Eagle Gold Coin
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
  • American Buffalo Gold Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin
  • PAMP Suisse Gold Bar
  • American Eagle Gold Proof Coins

Request your Free Gold IRA Guide

American Bullion has created a complimentary Gold Guide that offers a wealth of information on the best-kept secrets for investing in Gold. The Gold Guide brings information together to educate you regarding Gold IRA’s and also contains some great visual charts to help understand the rise in gold over the past decade where it’s increased in comparison to the value of the U.S dollar. It’s full of tips for how to buy precious metals, which metals are allowed in IRA accounts, how to liquidate your gold, the global factors that impact the precious metals market and what you can do to protect your savings from a falling dollar. The Gold Guide will teach why Gold has been sought after for thousands of years, from kings and pharaohs, to today’s savvy investors. The guide is completely free. There is no obligation. If you’ve been looking for the opportunity safeguard your nest egg for the future, then request your Free Gold Guide today by calling 1-800-326-9598 or filling out the Gold Guide form on this page.

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