Silver Bullion

Silver bullion coins and bars, and especially proof American Silver Eagles, have become a standard component in a precious metals portfolio for many Americans. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the ability to amass a greater amount of bullion initially, compared to other precious metals, thereby providing a greater base for the incremental growth in value of the metal and more precise parsing later. Bullion carries the smallest premium compared to other silver products and popularity continues to increase for silver bullion.

Silver bullion held within an IRA must meet the same .999 fineness rating as with coins. But not all silver products are eligible for IRA inclusion. Click here for a list of eligible silver IRA products. Silver bullion is a popular ingredient for home held investment portfolios too, due to convenient sizes available and security provided, particularly if investors were to experience currency devaluation, whether sudden or protracted. During the epic inflation of the German Weimar Republic, burning currency for warmth was far more cost effective than attempting to spend it on another fuel. All of human history can’t be wrong about the universal value of silver bullion.

Silver bullion products offer a wide variety of choices, which provides a wide variety of ways to diversify an investment portfolio. With a greater risk of global and local economic calamity, greater diversification within and a greater portfolio percentage of physical precious metals is good idea. Brexit, negative interest rates and other central bank miscues are just some of the ingredients creating a greater risk level in today’s economy. Protect your assets, family and legacy with silver bullion.

Silver bullion is a common ingredient, when American Bullion is asked to assist with elements of an investment portfolio, for many of the reasons already addressed. Account executives at American Bullion are well equipped to answer questions and concerns about physical precious metal ownership, whether in an investment portfolio or a retirement portfolio. American Bullion was a pioneer in the Gold (precious metals) IRA industry and continues to excel in making transfers and rollovers to a silver IRA, a tax-free and hassle-free event. Call the experts at American Bullion at (800) 531-6525 with any questions you might have about silver bullion.

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