Celebrating Our First Decade

American Bullion is proud to announce their celebration of ten years in business. Having served the highly speculative community for years as commodity brokers, the principals at American Bullion, Orkan Ozkan and Nevtan Akcora saw the need for a tangible investment hedge against most all comers. They were able to get the business up and running by building on the more than 6,000 years of success which gold and other precious metals had already achieved in that capacity. Realizing the large number of investors with varying forms of IRA’s, they decided to educate investors and make the process of transferring or rolling over an IRA or any other qualified retirement account into a Gold IRA, which had been on the books for 12 years, but was being entirely underutilized. So they pioneered the process and made the dream of a Gold IRA a simple hassle-free reality, instead of the nightmare of potentially dangerous and expensive missteps it had become.

About American Bullion

Founded in 2009 by two veteran precious metals traders, American Bullion is the pioneer and a trusted leader in adding precious metals to your Individual Retirement Account. We specialize in converting your existing IRA, former 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan to gold or other precious metals. We also specialize in providing investors with a wide range of physical products delivered safely and securely to their doors.

American Bullion carries all U.S. and European pre-1933 coins, as well as modern gold and silver bullion in the full spectrum of currently available coin and bar products. We also carry a wide range of platinum and palladium bars and coins to match any need you may have. We are confident in our ability to quickly and safely supply you with the precise precious metal products you are seeking.

American Bullion’s professional Operations Department and designated IRA Department take great pride in their customer service. Each and every employee is committed to ensuring that their customers are completely satisfied with every facet of the transaction. Whether you buy gold coins, gold bullion, or roll over to a Gold IRA, American Bullion stands ready to be of service.

We offer excellent service and value by dealing honestly, ethically, and fairly with each and every valued customer.

  • We are a top tier precious metals company.
  • We deliver millions of dollars’ worth of gold and silver monthly.
  • We are 100% full service and 100% professional.
  • We are proven Gold IRA specialists with very fast delivery.
  • We are a United States Mint listed dealer.
  • We are a Royal Canadian Mint Registered Bullion DNA Dealer.
  • We are a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA).
  • We are a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).
  • We are a member and authorized dealer of the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).
  • We are a member and authorized dealer of the National Guaranty Corporation (NGC).
How can we help you?

Contact American Bullion with any questions about your Gold IRA and investment strategies. Our agents are ready to help get your started!

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    Gold is always going to be an upticking commodity; it’s going to move forward, not backward. American Bullion is super nice, they just know their information. They knew what they were talking about and they were confident and at the end of the day, it’s the most important thing.


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