How Do I Sell My Gold?

American Bullion, a pioneer in the Gold IRA Industry is well equipped to assist you with liquidations from your existing Gold IRA account(s). We are prepared and willing to walk you through the process, step by step, no matter who your current Gold IRA custodian might be. Most Precious Metals IRA custodians, such as Equity Trust Company, Kingdom Trust, New Direction Trust Company, Preferred Trust Company, Sterling Trust Company, Strata Trust Company and many others are “self-directed IRA custodians,” who will not act as a dealer to sell those assets for you.  That action requires a responsible and experienced third party precious metals buyer/dealer, like American Bullion, who has been making the process quick, simple and seamless for more than a decade.

To Sell Precious Metals from Your IRA:

  1. Review the most current holdings list from your IRA account. Determine the amount you wish to liquidate, whether complete or partial. If partial, determine the specific dollar amount needed.
  2. Call American Bullion at (800) 531-6525. Our IRA specialists will glean the information necessary to complete your current custodian’s required paperwork. The process will take a few days for cash funds to be available in your account. At that time, you are free to take a cash distribution, purchase a different asset, or transfer your IRA funds to another custodian.

To Sell Precious Metals to Meet a RMD (Required Minimum  Distribution):

  • Once you reach 72, your custodian will calculate and provide you with the total amount each year and send your RMD letter.
  • Call American Bullion as soon as you receive your RMD letter, so we can complete the required distribution in a timely manner.

Important Tax Considerations When Taking a Distribution:

  • If you have a Traditional IRA, then you are responsible for paying taxes on the distribution.
  • If you have a Roth IRA, then taxes were prepaid and none are due on the distribution.
  • If you are under 59 ½ years of age, then you will pay taxes, as well as a 10% (early distribution) penalty.
  • If you create a taxable event, then you can elect to withhold one, none, or both Federal and State taxes on your custodian’s Distribution Request Form.