Palladium Bullion

Palladium bullion is becoming a regular consideration when it comes to investor diversification in the precious metals arena, because outside of silver, it’s the cheapest precious metal available. Palladium is one of the four main, investment precious metals, but it is most like silver in two ways. As already mentioned, like silver it is less expensive per ounce than gold and platinum, additionally like silver, it has commercial demand. Like silver, it is used in jewelry, as well as dental fillings and crowns. Its primary commercial use is in the automobile industry, because it is widely used for creating reactions in catalytic converters, to promote the hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons. Physical precious metal investors however, appreciate the round, bar and coin versions of palladium bullion.

Palladium bullion products are also approved for IRA inclusion. For a complete list of IRS-approved palladium IRA products, click here. American Bullion was a pioneer of the Palladium IRA industry and their years of experience make them well-suited to assist interested investors with the initiation, transfer or rollover of qualified funds to a palladium IRA. Don’t forget to diversify your retirement portfolio as well, with IRS-approved, physical metal products consisting of palladium bullion.

Palladium bullion products are among the rarest, because palladium is actually rarer than gold, making it and limited edition proof coins, quite attractive to investors hoping to eventually capitalize on its relative scarcity. Account executives at American Bullion are very knowledgeable and experienced. You can speak with one by calling (800) 531-6525. During the Spanish conquest of South America, palladium and platinum were called “nuisance metals” due to the difficulty experienced trying to separate from gold. Learn from the past and don’t underestimate the value of palladium bullion.

Characteristics of palladium bullion are actually well suited for coinage, but few national mints ever took advantage. The most popular palladium bullion coins are the “Maple Leaf” minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and more recently the “Chinese Palladium Panda,” featuring the design of the year used by mints in China. Call the bullion specialists at American Bullion to become well educated, get all your questions answered and take full advantage of the physical ownership of palladium bullion.

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