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American Bullion worked hard and with its seasoned staff literally pioneered the seamless “Gold IRA” processing that most people started to hear about. We simply made it easy for you.

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Our in-house, hands-on trained Gold IRA processors work in an impeccable harmony and professionalism with our brokers and clients. They make the entire process Tax-Free, Hassle-Free!

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Thousands of clients can’t all be mistaken. Since the first day, we are always committed providing quality, sincerity, and highest level of service to our clients. We sincerely appreciate to all our satisfied customers.

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Free Storage and $0 Custodian Account Fees – for the 1st Year!*

Free storage and no account fees for the first year is enough of an incentive to get every American to realize and appreciate the value of a Gold IRA!

Will You Have Enough To Retire?

Our retirement calculator estimates how much you’ll need to save for retirement. To make sure you’re thinking about the long haul, we assume you’ll live to age 92. The results offer a general idea of how much you’ll need. The results are presented in future dollars (at retirement), which is calculated using an inflation rate of 3.0%.

Set a Secure Plan for Your Future.Gold IRA clients appreciate the Protection, Stability and the Long Term Growth that physical Gold and other precious metals provide. With global economic and sociological uncertainty and terrorist threats, more and more individuals are converting their IRA’s and 401K accounts into Gold IRA’s.


Owning physical precious metals in a retirement account is a prudent and secure plan for your financial future. The Gold IRA protects your retirement funds from a crashing stock market, inflation, and potential geopolitical instabilities.


For centuries, gold has played integral roles in the monetary system as a unit of exchange and a monetary anchor. Gold’s purchasing power and wealth preservation have a proven record of accomplishment even prior to the beginning of our modern financial system.


The deeper the U.S. goes into debt, the less valuable the US Dollar becomes and the higher the value of gold becomes over time. This correlation has remained a fact over the past 25 plus years.

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