Palladium IRA Rollover

Palladium IRA rollover is a search term that’s growing in popularity. One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that like silver it has a dual personality. Both elements share the characteristics of a precious metal and an industrial metal. Silver was considered a poor man’s gold and Palladium was considered a rich man’s gold, based strictly on rareness. But the true value of anything is based on a combination of both supply and demand. Many investors are unaware that Palladium has been approved for IRA inclusion, or that it has a history of bouncing back when it falls below the value of gold, but those who do know appreciate the opportunity presented by a Palladium IRA rollover.

Metals approved for a Palladium IRA rollover must meet certain specifications and a minimum fineness requirement of .9995 or greater to be eligible. Only certain coins have been approved and bullion bars must be manufactured by a national government mint or by a NYMEX or COMEX-approved assayer/refiner. Coins can be purchased in the traditional 1 ounce size, but are also available in fractional sizes including a half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce. Whatever your desire, call the experts at American Bullion when considering a Palladium IRA rollover.

Palladium IRA rollover is typically used to refer to an IRA rollover account featuring a majority of Palladium in its holdings, but is by no means limited to that metal exclusively. Diversification of metal types and products is an important consideration in any metals portfolio. American Bullion was a pioneer in the precious metals IRA industry and remains a leader, based on experience, helpfulness and the meticulous handling of individual accounts that ensures the tax-free and hassle-free processing of a Palladium IRA rollover.

Don’t trust your Palladium IRA rollover with anything less than the best. Call the experts at American Bullion to rollover an old 401k, 403b, or any other type of qualified plan. Your retirement goals are too important not to protect, with the safety and security provided by physical precious metals. Call American Bullion at (800) 531-6525 to arrange for your Palladium IRA rollover, today.

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