Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

About Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

With a rating of 99.99% pure gold, Gold Maple Leaf coins are one of the purest gold coins of regular issue in existence. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins contain virtually no base metals. They have a rich history, first minted in 1979 when they were only the second available bullion coin on the market after the Krugerrand in South Africa. They have retained tremendous popularity, resulting in 25 million troy ounces in sales when they were first introduced.

Aesthetic Features

With a refined portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin features unsurpassed beauty and elegance. The original coins bore a picture of the Queen in her youth, later replacing it with a more mature portrait beginning in 1990. The back side of the coin features Canada’s national symbol – the maple leaf. Above the maple leaf is “Canada”. Below, the admirable purity of the coin and its weight is stated in English and French on the back side of the coin.

The year 2015 brought about an important change in the coin. The radial lines were machined to a precise degree in order to ensure that they are easily reproduced. The new line width and pitch have helped this coin to acquire a unique appearance and a light pattern that helps to differentiate this coin from others.


With the Royal Canadian Mint guaranteeing the purity and weight of each coin, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is one of the most desirable coins on the international market from a liquidity standpoint. It contains only infinitesimal additions of base metals due to its stringent purity standards. This liquid asset has helped make this coin one that is commonly added to gold IRAs.
Security Feature

The Royal Canadian Mint introduced a new security feature in 2013 to better support accurate coin authentication. The coin now features a textured maple leaf that is engraved into the coin using precise technologies. Additionally, the coin now contains a number within this special marking that indicates the year that the coin was issued.

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