Self-Directed IRA Checklist

There are several items that are needed to complete your Gold IRA Rollover.

Shipping and Transaction Agreement

The Shipping and Transaction Agreement is required by American Bullion to legally set up your account, purchase gold on your behalf, and have it shipped to the depository. The agreement discloses legal terms such as payments, delivery, risk assumptions, holding periods, purchase price, repurchases, cancellation policy, and limitation of liability. All customers should read and understand the terms of the agreement before signing.

Self-Directed IRA Application

This application must be completed and signed in order for American Bullion to set up your account with Self-Directed IRA Services (SDIRA). You will need to list personal contact information and the type of rollover you wish to carry out. You will also need to include the name, social security number, and date of birth of at least one beneficiary for your account.

Self-Directed IRA Transfer Request Form

This document is used by American Bullion to contact your current retirement account custodian and instruct them on transferring your assets. The form includes the account name, account number, and the amount to be transferred to your new self-directed IRA. Once this form is completed, your account will be created at Self-Directed IRA Services and they will send a letter of acceptance to your financial institution with your new account details.

Deposit Coupon

When liquidating a retirement account, some custodians will issue a check instead of completing a wire transfer. When this happens, the deposit coupon is needed for Self-Directed IRA Services to deposit that check into your new account and record the check with the IRS. The form indicates the type of account the check is coming from and your new account details.

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