Volatile Economic Conditions Make Now the Right Time for a Gold IRA

gold investment

Los Angeles, CA — Today’s negative economic and geopolitical conditions contribute to the steadily rising price of gold. For this reason, many investors have been rolling over their 401(k)s, Traditional, and Roth IRAs into new gold accounts. The goal, of course, is to gain greater safety against devaluation of the U.S. dollar, a hedge against inflation and greater long term appreciation of retirement assets.

How much longer can losses from your traditional retirement funds go on? It may be wise to start considering a new gold IRA from American Bullion to help protect your retirement.

What Factors Make Paper Assets So Risky Today?

Many factors beyond our individual control cause paper assets to decline in value while gold increases in value. These include:

  • Weakness in the U.S. Dollar
  • Inflationary Trends
  • Bank Failures
  • Rampant Mortgage Foreclosures
  • Wars/Military Conflicts
  • Sharply Rising Oil/Gas Prices
  • Our Growing National Deficit
  • Stock and Bond Declines
  • Defaults on Loans

It’s no secret that the many countires in the world are dealing with many of these factors. This is why so many investors are seeking a new way to help protect and safeguard their wealth.

Our Government Now Allows Gold in IRAs

The U.S. government permits mass-produced bullion gold coins such as American Gold Eagles and proof American Gold Eagles to be used as IRA account assets. When the U.S. Mint designed their gold proof American Eagles, they did so with their use in IRA retirement accounts top-of-mind. Only a limited number of these coins are minted each year which can result in their outperforming the generic American Eagles considerably. Each of these ‘proof’ coins has U.S. government backing meaning that they are recognized and accepted by major global investment markets worldwide. Perhaps even more important, gold has intrinsic value that renders it immune from the economic ills that afflict paper assets.

New Gold IRAs Have Become Popular to Protect Retirement Assets

American Bullion’s customer base of investors who are buying gold, silver and platinum has been steadily increasing each month. Some of our customers have been purchasing gold coins and bars to lock away in their safe deposit boxes, but many others have wisely opted to roll over 401(k)s and convert Traditional and Roth IRAs to a new gold IRA. While many advisors recommend that investors diversify their retirement assets by adding between 5% to 25% in gold, many are now adding a much higher percentage. In fact, a few have even converted their portfolios to include as much as 50-100% in precious metal assets.

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American Bullion specializes in adding gold and silver to retirement accounts. If you have a question or would like to know more about your investment options, please call American Bullion at 1-800-326-9598 to speak with a precious metals specialist.