The Global Debt Is Out of Control!

The Global Debt Is Out of ControlAfter taking an early lead in the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and their “socialist” plans for America ran aground. All the talk of free college, college debt forgiveness, and Medicare-for-All quickly became a distant memory for most Americans. Nevertheless, the coronavirus pandemic caused Congress and the Fed to crank up the printing presses again. In spite of conservative intent, we’ve got the printing press pedal to the metal. Our already abused fiat currency is into another round of serious inflation creation. Other economic factors have kept its appearance concealed, but when it gets loose, it will get ugly.

As pathetic a fiduciary job we have done, managing the world’s premier global reserve currency, our malfeasance has been obfuscated by a general global economic chaos. Argentina, for example, defaulted last month, for the ninth time in the past century. But there’s no denying that the Fed’s balance sheet has been exploding. The central bank has pushed $3 trillion into the economy over the past two months alone, and its total assets now exceed $7 trillion. We need to be more responsible than simply leaving this for our children and grandchildren to deal with.

In spite of the fact that we need to do better, the fact of the matter is that total global debt has risen by $87 trillion since the start of the 2008-2009 global economic crisis. That puts the current global national debt at nearly $255 trillion. An even worse way of looking at that number is to realize that global debt currently stands at 322% of total economic output. Recession, inflation, and further economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic ensure tough times ahead.

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