The $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle

The $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle coin is one of the most sought after and most beautiful bullion coin in the world. Investors and collectors alike value the Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle for its quality, obvious beauty, fascinating origin story, and investment-quality gold fineness and purity.


The Saint-Gaudens design on the $20 Gold Double Eagle coin was commissioned at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt (Saint-Gaudens also produced a $10 Gold Eagle design). By chance meeting, Roosevelt was introduced to renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The president impressed upon Saint-Gaudens his ambitions for a more aesthetic U.S. Mint, especially with regard to metallic coinage. Remember, the United States still operated on a gold standard during those days.

The official minting periods for the $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle were between 1907-1916 and 1920-1933. However, nearly every coin in circulation was minted before 1929. This is because very few were released into circulation after the onset of the Great Depression ]and most from 1929 and 1933 were stored in Treasury vaults before being melted down.

Saint-Gaudens Coin Specs

Saint-Gaudens’ Design

Augustus Saint-Gaudens wanted his coins to carry the same beauty of ancient Greek currency. This explains why Lady Liberty carries a torch and an olive branch, wears Greek-style robes, and appears unapologetically deified in front of the U.S. Capitol building.

Roosevelt loved the design and hoped the $20 coin would be the flagship offering from the U.S. Mint. It worked. Many collectors and investors consider the $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle to be the most beautiful of all American coins.

The look underwent several changes during its minting period. Between 1907 and 1911, there were 46 stars on the coin (one for every state). Each coin from 1912 to 1933 had 48 stars, reflecting the recognition of statehood for New Mexico and Arizona.  Of all the variations, the two rarest and most sought after are probably the 1907 “ultra high relief” and 1933 coins. Each original 1907 coin required nine strokes from the metal press and fewer than 30 were actually finished. The 1933 coin is considered the rarest U.S. coin, with just 10 in circulation. The Smithsonian Institution houses and displays two others.

Minting and Pricing

All U.S. Mint gold coins are guaranteed to reach a certain minimum standard of purity and gold weight. For American Eagle gold coins, this means using a 22 karat gold alloy with no less than 91.6% gold — a standard for high-quality gold that dates back to the height of the British Empire. The Gold Double Eagle is purer at 96.75% gold.

Even though the face value of the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is $20, the intrinsic value for each coin is actually much higher. If you add an IRA-eligible gold coin into your investment portfolio, the value of your investment is equal to the coin’s present intrinsic value.

You will see large variances in the prices of $20 Gold Double Eagles. Much of the differences come down to the graded condition of the coins. Most popular and clean ones are graded by major grading companies such as NGC (National Guaranty Corporation) or PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service). The common grades are between MS62 and MS65 coins. MS stands for Mint State. Of course, the present spot value of gold and overall consumer demand affect prices, too. Typically, coin sellers and issuers add a premium to the market value of their bullion. These costs normally cover coinage and distribution costs.

Investing in a Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle

Although the $20 Double Eagle is NOT eligible for inclusion in your gold IRA account, you can purchase it for a direct home delivery. Given its beauty, unique historical value, and numismatic reputation, the $20 Double Eagle coins are more likely to carry higher premiums than standard American Gold Eagle coins. If you decide to purchase a $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle for investment purposes, your are in luck because most reputable gold companies carry a wide selection of these coins.

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