More U.S. Mint news: American Silver Eagles temporarily sold out

American Eagle Silver Coin

The U.S. Mint said on Wednesday that its 2014 American Silver Eagle coins have temporarily sold out amid “tremendous demand in the last several weeks.” As we wrote in yesterday’s blog, the Mint reported record high bullion coin sales during the month of October.

This news was not announced to the public, but a spokesperson confirmed that a statement was sent to the Mint’s authorized distributors. The statement also said the Mint plans to continue producing 2014-dated coins, but that it would let distributors know when more become available.

With gold and silver at lower prices recently, demand for U.S. Mint bullion coins has skyrocketed. American Silver Eagle coins in particular have had a huge leap in sales, with October sales reaching a staggering 5.79 million coins, a 39.9% improvement over the previous month.

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