Devaluation, Recession and GOLD!

Our media seems to be utterly preoccupied with limitless political banter, but the most important occurrence you should but may not be aware of, at this time, is the frantic race that central banks are in to devalue the world’s currencies, particularly as the red plague of debt continues to drain the American economy, global economies continue to slow, and the stock market continues its artificially induced race to oblivion.

Through all of this, global central banks have been on a silent gold buying spree, unnoticed by anyone, except savvy investors. Just as an example, regular gold buyers like Ken Fisher, Stanley Druckenmiller, David Einhorn, and Ray Dalio have all substantially picked up their purchasing pace this year and why not? The Fed and current administration seem content to let the economy run full steam ahead, at least until it breaks. At that point, there will be nothing to do except act surprised and attempt to put a bandaid on a growing number of lacerated economic arteries. Unfortunately, unlike the 2008 economic crisis, practically every dangerous condition present at that time is present again today, but to a far greater degree, due to apparently intentional ignorance. But this toxic economic concoction has the potential to suddenly and precipitously collapse far more than just the stock market. The gravity of this scenario demands that investors act now, in order to protect, portfolios, families, and legacies. History clearly shows that physical precious metals are a critical part of any such strategy.

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Gold is up more than 16% so far this year, in spite of the Fed’s ongoing manipulations to prop up the dollar and entice market investment. But given this dangerous economic scenario, the aforementioned billionaires are all confident that gold can double and more, once the coming crisis is triggered.

And don’t be in a hurry to dismiss the growth and protective capabilities of silver either. According to the Silver Institute, demand for silver has outpaced supply by 176 million ounces, over the past five years. In spite of that fact, the gold: silver price ratio seems stuck hovering around 87:1 and the fact of the matter is that such a disproportionate ratio provides an opportunity for an even more explosive potential, given such extreme economic conditions.

Physical precious metals at home may come in handy when this economic storm hits and ATMs are down, as banks consider what to do. And if you have an old 401(k), SEP, TSP, IRA, or any other qualified retirement account, converting all or a portion into a Gold IRA can be as simple as a phone call to American Bullion, pioneers in the field. Get their professional help by calling (800) 653- GOLD (4653), while prices are still ridiculously low. Call now!

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