3 Reasons to Buy Silver in 2013

Fly-by-night investors often get caught up in the optimal time to purchase silver. “I just need to wait until silver drops below $30 per ounce again…” sadly seems to be a common sentiment. As the year comes to a close it may be wise to take a step back and look beyond daily spot prices.

Unrest and the Presidential Elections

Regardless of your political standing, there still remains an overwhelming fact for the USA – Presidential elections cause worry and unrest. Historically speaking, when there is any sort of socio-economic trouble, investors flock toward precious metals. These save-haven investments protect the value of their wealth while the powers that be fight their battles.  And when demand goes up, so does price. Don’t be surprised if a good percentage of investors fatten their pockets with tangible silver assets just before the election.

A New Year Doesn’t Mean an End to Inflation

It is true that we are starting to see small signs of the economy turning around. The housing market is bouncing back slightly, but it’s nothing spectacular. The stock market is better, but we still face monthly scares. Just because 2013 comes to pass doesn’t mean our economy will turn around and inflation will stop. We are also at the beginning of a massive round of quantitative easing recently announced by the Federal Reserve.

All of these factors mean the U.S. dollar still has a long way to come. It would be extremely optimistic to think this debasement of currency will slow down any time before the New Year. Inflation will march on well into 2013.

It Could Be the End of the World

We’re not talking about Mayan prophecies here, rather something that can hit closer to our pocketbooks if we are not careful. For anyone who keeps a massive savings account, this message is for you. Keeping a surplus of paper assets at your local bank might be a bad idea if another recession sparks. A recession can wreak havoc on the value of a savings account.

It’s always wise to keep your wealth closer to home. Hard, physical silver can help protect your wealth from inflation and poorly managed banking institutions. Start today by educating yourself more about silver and the vital roll it can play in your portfolio.

Savvy investors know that the day-to-day spot price of silver doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. Silver’s overall trend is what we need to pay attention to. Therefore, stop waiting and take action today. Let the experts here at American Bullion answer your questions today.

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