1910 Lincoln (Wheat) Penny Value

The 1910 Lincoln Wheat Penny might not be the rarest, but it is relatively scarce in high grades, making it desirable to many collectors. This penny was among the first issues of the Lincoln Wheat Penny series, which started in 1909 and ended in 1958.

The condition or grade is paramount when assessing the rarity of the 1910 Lincoln Wheat Penny or any coin. The number of existing high-grade examples (those in uncirculated condition) is significantly smaller than lower-grade examples (those circulated).

For example, while millions of 1910 pennies were minted, only a small fraction remains in uncirculated condition today. Furthermore, those with the fewest blemishes are the rarest among uncirculated coins.

Specific varieties can also be rare. For example, the 1910 Lincoln penny from the San Francisco mint (1910-S) is more uncommon than the Philadelphia (1910, no mintmark) or Denver (1910-D) versions and thus generally more valuable.

How Much is the 1910 Wheat Penny Worth?

The value of a 1910 wheat penny can vary substantially based on its grade and mint mark. At the lower end of the spectrum, circulated examples with no mint mark may be worth only a few cents above face value.

However, uncirculated coins are much more valuable. For instance, a 1910 penny in Mint State 65 condition could fetch around $100. However, if you come across the rarer 1910-S version in the same condition, the value jumps considerably to several hundred dollars or more.

These values are approximations, as coin prices fluctuate based on market demand and the economy.

How Much is a 1910 Wheat Penny with No Mint Mark Worth?

A 1910 wheat penny with no mint mark was minted at the Philadelphia Mint. These coins are the most common 1910 pennies since the Philadelphia Mint produced more than the Denver or San Francisco Mints.

However, their value can still be considered in high grades. For example, a circulated 1910 penny with no mint mark might be worth a few cents, while an uncirculated example could be worth $50 to $100 or more, depending on its exact condition.

What Wheat Penny is Worth $100,000?

The most valuable Lincoln Wheat Penny is the 1943 copper penny. In 1943, due to wartime shortages of copper, the U.S. Mint decided to strike pennies in zinc-coated steel. However, a few were mistakenly struck on copper planchets, making them extraordinarily rare. One of these 1943 copper pennies sold for $204,000 in a 2019 auction.

What is the Oldest Rarest Penny?

The oldest and rarest penny in U.S. history is the 1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent with a chain reverse. Only a few thousand of these pennies were minted, and they were the first official circulating coins produced by the U.S. Mint. Due to their historical significance and extreme rarity, these coins can fetch substantial sums at auction, often upwards of $10,000.

How Do I Identify Rare Pennies?

Identifying rare pennies involves understanding key factors contributing to a coin’s rarity and value. These factors include the date and mint mark, the coin’s condition or grade, and any errors or varieties present.

For date and mint mark: Some dates and mint marks are much rarer than others. Researching which ones are rare can help you spot potential finds.

For condition: Coins in better condition are generally more valuable. Understanding the grading scale can help you assess a coin’s potential value.

For errors or varieties: Some coins have mint errors or special varieties that can make them more valuable. For example, the 1955 doubled-die penny is one of the most famous U.S. coin errors.

The 1910 Lincoln Wheat Penny is a historically significant coin that can be valuable in high grades or with certain mint marks. Collecting these pennies can be a rewarding hobby or investment, but educating yourself about what makes a penny valuable is essential to make the best decisions.

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