Why You MUST Own Gold Before the Fiscal Cliff

Are we looking at more media hype or a justifiable terror headed our way? As we approach the end of the year we will see a handful of laws change that will ultimately have some type of negative effect on the US economy. Law makers have a few options of how to deal with these impending changes, but sadly none of the choices seem too enticing. No matter what happens starting January 1st, 2013, something has got to give. If you have yet to invest in gold, then we strongly urge you to look at the following 3 points.


Some experts are projecting unemployment rates as high as 9%. When the job market gets that bad, anything can happen. You may feel that your job is safe, until you realize that a few of the companies you serve have gone out of business. When this happens, you may be the target of downsizing within the company of which you work. It may sound extreme, but when nearly a tenth of the country is out of work – worse things have happened.

Start positioning yourself now. Buy gold while you still have the capital to do so. Many experts are predicting a surge in gold prices after the fiscal cliff hits. Wouldn’t it be best to have a small nest egg of gold bars or coins before this calamity occurs?

Economic Growth Slowed:

No matter what laws go into effect at the start of next year, we will see our economic growth slowed. Law makers truly have their worked cut out for them. However, the fact remains if we want to actually fix our economy, it will come at the cost of the working class and businesses. We’re facing tax increases for workers, and the end of various tax breaks for businesses. These two factors alone may cause certain companies to fail and stock prices to drop.

When this happens, investors will seek out safe haven investments that will keep the integrity of their wealth. Gold has long been trusted as such, and it’s certain we will see many investors looking to precious metals during these difficult times.

Demand for Gold:

With a surge of investors vying for this special yellow metal, you can expect the demand to increase accordingly. You don’t need detailed scientific algorithms to know that as the economy gets worse, the value of gold will rise.

Do the smart thing now. Don’t be caught on the wrong side of this impending wave of gold demand. Buy gold ahead of the fiscal cliff before we see a jobless America struggle to hold on to what little it has left.

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