Why Is A Gold IRA Such A Brilliant Idea Right Now?

A Gold IRA is always a brilliant idea, but right now it shines even brighter, due to the fact that our long-in-the-tooth bull market is in the latter stages of a death rattle. While the stock market is within reach of another all-time high and at the same time, on the verge of a total collapse, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to capture stock market profit and convert a portion to physical precious metals. The 5% – 15% precious metal portfolio allocation, typically recommended by financial advisors, may simply not be enough when you consider today’s precarious and convoluted economic condition, both domestically and globally.

The stock market is oversold, flooded with foreign investors desperate for profitability and limited options, and public companies have borrowed $1.9 trillion in cheap Fed money, earmarked for growth, infrastructure and higher wages, and instead spent $2.1 trillion on company stock buyback programs, which artificially inflate stock prices, but leave the company emaciated and unable to grow even if the appropriate opportunity presents itself. U.S. Treasuries are also in perilous waters, due to the combination of rising interest rates and a national debt that continues to accelerate at a feverish pace. Meanwhile Russia, China, Iran and other countries, due to a complete lack of stewardship on our part, are petitioning the International Monetary Fund to lower the status of U.S. currency, while they consider the creation and implementation of a global “One World Currency.”

A Gold IRA is the best defense against all of the maladies currently possible in our economic condition. Combine that with the fact that gold is more than 30% below its previous high and silver is more than 65% below its previous high, then you can realize the tremendous potential precious metals have to run in the event of an economic cataclysm. Historically, precious metals are in fact, the de facto One World Currency. No other commodity has enjoyed the universal acceptance of precious metals and the unique nature of an IRA makes this long-term investment a natural for growth, security, and stability.

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