Thinking Long Term About Precious Metals

Savvy buyers of gold and silver understand a few more things than your typical investor does. Yes, you can classify gold as an investment, however there are 3 other solid reasons that motivate buyers of precious metals.

Long Term Investment:

When gold or silver take a sharp turn of 2 or 3% in a single day you will hear the media speculate about the future of these metals. It’s humorous to think you can pinpoint the exact day that caused gold or silver to either fall or rise for remainder of the year.

Gold has performed better than most mutual funds in the past 10 years. Smart buyers know that when they purchase hard, tangible gold they are in it for the long term. If you are experienced in investing, you fully understand that an investment will take some steep falls, but these are always recovered by a long steady growth period. Keep in mind when buying precious metals that this is a long term investment. Hedge your money day to day on something else because day-traders are typically not welcome in these markets.

Asset Protection:

When buying gold and silver you are also purchasing a certain peace of mind. Your paper money can be held up in banks for years and gain next-to-nothing interest. Furthermore, if your bank needs a bailout, how will you feel about your financial security?

Think about being your own bank. What does it mean to have a huge savings account? How much is your money gaining interest verses how much it is losing due to inflation? Do yourself a favor and protect your assets by transferring that money into gold and silver. Historically, your money will do much better if you purchase these tangible assets. Then, hold on to it! Think long term with your new found piece of mind.

Passing It On:

Passing gold and silver from one generation to another is as simple as a handshake. Do you know how the person inheriting your wealth will treat your money when you are gone? Don’t you want your money to keep on growing throughout the years?

Gold has just started to make its run in the past 10 years and many experts believe it will continue to grow in the coming decades. When you want to hand over any amount of your wealth you simply hand it over. No need to worry about costly fees or taxes that can been associated with mutual funds or 401(k)s. Keep things simple for you and your loved ones.

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