Silver Quarter Worth

Ever make a lucky find of a silver quarter on the sidewalk or in some old coat and wonder to yourself  – “how much is this silver quarter worth?”

Silver Quarter WorthIsn’t this a simple question? No, no, and no. It’s more complicated than that. Quarters created in the United States between the 1930s and 1960s contain 90% silver and are highly sought after by investors and collectors because of their price and potential value. But how valuable are these coins? Are they worth the hype? Will you become a millionaire from selling one? Continue reading to find out a little more about silver quarters and their value.

The First Silver Quarter

The Washington Quarter is the first silver coin ever produced. It was ordered by the U.S. Treasury in 1931 and was dedicated to George Washington. A portrait of the legend himself is carved on the coin’s front side. John Flanagan, a very well-known coin engraver, developed the design for the piece. The first quarters were released in the States in 1932.

John FalanaganIn the meantime, due to the recession, the United States Mint agreed not to mint any quarters in 1933. He kept the iconic George Washington design when the demand for quarters rose the following year. Even now, we continue to use the same design.

How Much Are Silver Quarters Worth?

As we stated earlier, this depends on what type of quarter we are talking about. Many people believe picture a Washington quarter when you say a silver quarter. These quarters were made from 1932 to 1964 and are typically the most popular silver quarters. Common silver quarters from this time period are usually $5 to $10 in well-worn condition. However, some rare quarters are a lot more valuable than that.

How to calculate a US silver quarter’s worth?

Are you interested in finding out how much your silver quarter is worth? The worth of any silver quarter could well be determined by multiplying the silver coin by the present silver market price. A quarter made of 90% silver has 0.180 troy ounces of solid silver. Four silver quarters are equal to one ounce of silver. It is possible that an antique quarter (around 1930) will be valued higher.

Millesimal fineness is a way of determining the purity of silver in decimal numbers. Every silver coin used in a trade or as a commodity must be 99.9% pure, or.999 fine. Obtaining an attestation verifying the quality of pure silver is very important. Every silver quarter has a distinct monetary value. The quality of the metal and the year of manufacture affect the value of a silver coin. Before  1965, all quarters in the U. S. were made up of 90% silver and 10% copper. The Coinage Act of 1965 altered the makeup in order to reduce the silver content. The composition of quarters was eventually modified to 75% copper and 25% nickel.

How Much Are Silver Quarters WorthThe George Washington quarts, sometimes known as silver quarters, were issued between 1932 and 1964. Those quarters are worth at least 8000 times more than their modern silver-coin cousins.

In addition to the Washington silver quarter, two further types of coins have been minted.

The Liberty Head quarter, as well as most of the Barber series coins, were first minted in 1892. The design for all coins was created by Charles Barber, the senior carver at the time. The coins feature the renowned Liberty Head as well as the phrase “United States of America.” The quarter coin weighs 6.25 grams and has a silver content of 0.179 troy ounces.

Silver Quarter HistoryThe Standing Liberty silver quarter, struck between 1916 and 1930, is yet another significant silver coin. It was created to take the place of the Barber’s quarter and was produced until 1930. The head of the coin bears the text “United States of America,” whereas the tail depicts an eagle in flight.

Standing Liberty Silver QuarterA silver quarter from 1965 may be sold for more than $100. The dimensions and weight of the coin are identical to the “Barber” coin. It is made up of 90% silver and contains 0.179 ounces of silver.

What are Error (Transitional) Coins?

The final batch of silver coins (90 percent pure) was created in 1964. Following that, copper-nickel dimes were introduced. Despite the fact that all of the coins in the 1965 batch were meant to be copper-nickel, a small number (a handful) were made with 90% silver. The coins that were mixed up are rare or mistake coins that are now worth thousands of dollars.

Silver Quarter DollarWhat are the bicentennial quarters?

Quarters manufactured between 1776 and 1976 are known as bicentennial quarters. In mint condition, they are valued at between $5 and $10. The value of a coin is influenced by where it was created and how well it was preserved. The Bicentennial quarters were created to commemorate the United States of America’s 200th birthday.

Not all bicentennial quarters have silver. Quarters with an “S” mintmark were produced in the San Francisco Mint, and each one contains 40 percent silver or 0.739 troy oz.

bicentennial silver quarterHow to Recognize a Rare Silver Quarter?

There are a few traits that might help you recognize a rare quarter.

First and foremost, take a good look at the actual design. Does it have a picture of George Washington on one side? If not, your coin is almost certainly rare and collectible.

Next, look at the coin’s year date. This is typically the most obvious indication of its scarcity. The older a coin is, the more valuable it is (sometimes this is not the case). All quarters issued before 1964 are often made entirely of silver.

It’s also a good idea to search for the mintmark. On the reverse of the coin, this little letter is usually at the bottom of the design. It identifies which branch of the US Mint produced the coin. (A coin with no mintmark is from the Philadelphia Mint.) Another typical rule is that mint quarters are more scarce. As a result, they have become more collectible.

It’s worth looking into if your coin is a one-of-a-kind variant or a mistake. You could compare your coins to those in reference books and internet resources. Variants and errors are worth far more than their “normal” equivalents.

How to Grade Silver QuartersHow to Grade Silver Quarters?

The Washington quarters are by far the most precious silver quarters. Learning how to grade different quarters is necessary for determining the value and calculating the worth of your coin.

The silver coins with the lowest denominations are in “excellent condition,” whereas the quarters with the greatest denominations are in “uncirculated condition.” The “mint condition” could well be determined by looking at the design and features. The dull surface is still the most noticeable characteristic.

The quarter is regarded to be in “excellent” condition if it is little worn. Abrasion marks could be seen in the center of the coin.

Washington silver quarter in excellent conditionFor silver coins, “fine” is still an acceptable condition. The pattern and features of the coin will be weathered to the point of merging in this situation. If all of the important characteristics are visible, but the characters have begun to mix, the quarter is in “good” condition.

Washington Silver quartersFrequently Asked Questions about Silver Quarters

Where should I sell my silver quarters?

You can sell your silver quarter at any respectable coin dealer. This is typically your best bet because coin dealers know exactly what your coin is and its value and can offer you a fair price depending on its condition.

You could also sell them to a private buyer or investor or on an internet auction site. However, selling your silver to a pawn shop is not recommended since pawnbrokers are not always coin specialists.

What kind of quarters should I collect?

Any quarter from 1964 or before should be saved. The silver content of these quarters will be 90%. Any proof quarters should be kept as well, as they are worth many dollars more than their face value. It is also best if you can find quarters in mint condition or at least excellent condition. These are a lot more valuable and will sell for more.

Which silver quarter is the most valuable?

Doubled Die Obverse (DDO) 1937 silver quarter is often regarded as the most expensive coin in the United States. The coin is worth roughly $13,000 in Mint Condition.