Retirees Need a Gold Booster as Effective as Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Booster!

New studies of U.S and European testing indicates that people receiving a Johnson& Johnson COVID-19 booster vaccine, six to eight months after their initial shot, saw a robust increase in antibodies,nine-fold higher than 28 days after the first shot. As the Delta variant continues to infect Americans, so too is the economic fallout preparing to wreak havoc on the American economy in the form of a falling stock market and rising inflation. Just like the Johnson & Johnson booster has displayed an ability to increase defenses and reduce severity to the advances of a dangerous medical infection, so too are precious metals well-positioned to increase the defenses and reduce severity to the advances of a dangerous financial infection.

Gold, silver and other precious metals have a long and stellar history of providing unprecedented protection from the plague of a deteriorating stock market, currency devaluations and rising inflation. Retirees are inherently more susceptible and less resilient to the scourge of adverse effects that result from medical and financial downturns. The Johnson & Johnson booster was able to display its effectiveness in a very short span of time, but precious metals have been displaying their financial effectiveness for nothing short of millennium. It’s not called the gold standard without reason. It represents a level everything else aspires to be compared to.

The U.S. national debt was more than considerable, even before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Through June 30, 2021, OMB reports that 43 government agencies have spent $3.18 trillion as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. Prior to that the stock market, by way of public companies had thrived on cheap Fed money for years, but as the Fed struggles to keep a lid on inflation, those funds will be the first to be curtailed in favor of working families and individuals. Many companies were leveraged to the max prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. U.S. corporate debt was already at an all-time high and the 2020 economic downturn has exacerbated an already dangerous situation.

Retirees are encouraged to protect their retirement portfolios with an even greater percentage of gold and other physical precious metals. Today’s lower prices are simply a tremendous bonus. The experienced precious metal specialists at American Bullion are ready to help.

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