No News Is Good News for Gold and Silver

There are plenty of good indicators at the moment as to why you should buy gold and silver. You will hear the “experts” say the price is right, the climate is right and the timing is right for many different reasons. However, there is a more basic reason as to why you may need to purchase gold and silver sooner rather than later. This reason has everything to do with mass media attention.

When massive news networks like CNN, NBC and even FOX start shining more light upon these precious metals, you know something serious is about to happen. Let’s look back almost one year ago when gold broke $1900 per ounce. Gold was already on a record breaking upswing during June and July of last year. As it approached $1750 the media went crazy.

Gold and silver were on fire and the media was the gasoline that made gave these precious metals probably more attention than they deserved. The media in the United States loves to hype any story they can get their hands on – and investments are no different. We saw the experts telling us gold would break $2000 or even $2200 per ounce within a few months.

So, What Happened?

The price did continue to grow, but it did not hit those magical numbers above $2000 per ounce. The media firestorm created a brief spike in precious metals and many buyers rushed to nab up as much gold and silver as they could.

What This Means For You

As stated earlier, no news is good news for gold and silver. The best time to purchase your gold and silver is right now. The media goes in cycles and it won’t be long before they are running more and more stories about precious metals. When this happens, it is very possible gold will actually leap above $2200 per ounce.

The best position to be in, so you profit the most, is before another media firestorm happens. This way you can take pride in the fact you bought your gold at less than $1600 per ounce when it’s trading for over $2000. It happened once, and it will happen again. It is only a matter of time.

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