Personal Finance 2011 – Is Gold a Good Investment?

Los Angeles, CA – As the market closes on the first day of summer, the value of gold closed well over $1500 – a sign of the times that Americans desire for the shiny precious metal has increasingly risen since the end of the past decade. But along with this frenzy toward investing in gold are the skeptics that predict the trend will not last and gold’s over-inflated value will disappear with the recovering of the U.S. economy. This begs the question, “is investing in gold in 2011 a good idea?” The answer is yes.

The value of gold since 1999 has had an explosion of growth, coming from $300 in 1999 to quintupling its value today.

Value of Gold Chart

Some financial analysts predict that within 4 years the value of gold may reach well over $2500 an ounce; such attractive profit margins are an enticing reason to jump on board this trend. In addition, gold serves as an excellent method to secure a retirement portfolio, serving as protection against the weakening U.S. dollar. Gold has been known to maintain its stability in good and bad economies; plus, gold can always be liquidated and reallocated to other stock/investments as economic forecasts improve.

Investing in gold is a time-tested way of providing the investor a long term asset protection solution. While is it true that no one has a crystal ball to say if and when the gold obsession trend will end, given the past ten years of analysis, gold continues to increase in value year after year. And if ever there was a consideration of diving into the gold investment band wagon, the time is now.

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