How Much Gold is in a Computer?

The value of gold lies not only in its beauty and monetary worth but also in its usefulness in various industries, such as electronics. With its remarkable conductive properties and resistance to corrosion, it is a valuable component in numerous electronic devices, including computers. But how much gold is found in a computer?

On average, a desktop computer contains about 0.2 grams or 0.007 ounces of gold. While this may seem like a minuscule amount, the gold content can significantly accumulate if you are considering a large-scale recycling operation. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that the extraction process is complex and requires expertise to ensure safety and efficiency.

Why Use Gold in Electronics Anyway?

Gold’s inclusion in the electronic industry is primarily due to its excellent conductive properties. Gold effectively facilitates digital data transmission at high speeds with minimal loss. Additionally, gold is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, an essential characteristic for maintaining long-term functionality in electronic devices.

Beyond its technical advantages, gold does not cause tarnishing or degradation over time, making it perfect for high-reliability applications like computers. These traits make gold indispensable in electronics, despite the relatively high cost.

What Parts of a Computer Contain Gold?

Gold in computers is primarily found in the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and memory chips. Gold is utilized in these parts due to its exceptional ability to conduct electricity. Besides the CPU, gold is also used in various connectors, such as USB ports and specific cables and wires.

Moreover, gold is found in the connectors and pins of the motherboard and other assorted components like sound and video cards. The amount of gold used varies depending on the part’s manufacturer, model, and function.

Extracting Gold From a Computer Step by Step

Extracting gold from a computer is a complex and potentially hazardous process involving chemicals like nitric acid and cyanide. Only professionals are strongly recommended to engage in this activity, as improper handling of these substances can lead to serious health risks and environmental damage.

The process generally involves several steps:

Manual disassembly: 

This involves taking the computer apart and separating components containing gold.

Processing the components: 

This is where the gold-bearing parts are further broken down, often using a hammer or shredder.

Chemical treatment: 

The broken-down components are then treated with chemicals to dissolve the gold, creating a gold-bearing solution.


Additional chemicals are introduced to precipitate, or solidify, the gold out of the solution.


The precipitated gold is then melted into a usable form. Again, this process is hazardous and should only be performed by professionals.

How Much Gold is in a Computer Monitor?

Computer monitors, particularly older CRT models, do not typically contain any gold. Their precious metals are usually copper, aluminum, and sometimes small amounts of silver.

Is it Worth Extracting Gold from Computers?

Whether extracting gold from computers is worth the effort depends on various factors. For an individual with one or two old computers, the effort and risks involved in extracting gold may not be worth the relatively small yield.

With a substantial number of old computers and the right equipment, it may become more economically viable on a larger scale. However, it’s essential to factor in the costs associated with proper safety measures, waste disposal, and compliance with environmental regulations.

Moreover, beyond just gold, computers contain other valuable metals like silver and copper that can be recovered and recycled, making the whole process more profitable.

In conclusion, computers contain gold, but the amount is typically small. Producing gold from computers is complex and potentially dangerous, so professionals should only undertake it. However, computer recycling can be a profitable endeavor, contributing to a more sustainable electronics industry under the right conditions and on a large enough scale.

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