Gold prices hit a record high. What’s behind the surge?

On Friday, gold prices surged to a record high, marking a significant milestone in a remarkable 17% rally this year. Notably, the pace of gold’s price increase has outpaced the growth of the S&P 500— a widely used benchmark for most 401(k) plans—by more than double, underscoring the strength of the gold market.

Experts attribute the surge in gold prices to a broader trend where investors are flocking to high-return assets in anticipation of anticipated interest rate cuts later this year. A momentum trade is underway, propelling gold prices even higher as investors rush to partake in the gains driven by the rising gold market.

“We’re seeing a situation where people are actually increasing their risk exposure,” said Campbell Harvey, a Duke’s Fuqua School of Business professor specializing in commodity prices. According to Harvey, the volatility in gold prices now mirrors that of the S&P 500. “You see things like the S&P 500 and bitcoin going up,” Harvey continued. “Gold is part of that broader trend.”

According to a Wells Fargo equity research note, Costco has reportedly generated substantial revenue from gold bar sales, estimated between $100 million and $200 million monthly. While the specific prices are not disclosed online for nonmembers, the gold bars typically sell for nearly 2% above the spot price, which at the time of publication was at $2,430 per ounce.

The frenzy for gold extends beyond individual investors to central banks, which, according to a UBS report, are diversifying away from U.S. dollars and seeking to hedge against inflation risks. In the first two months of the year, central banks purchased about 64 metric tons of gold, and China imported 132 metric tons from Switzerland, a significant player in gold refining.

In addition to individual investors, institutional players such as hedge funds are making substantial investments in gold, leveraging the metal’s rapid price increase to realize significant returns. This institutional pressure is a key factor pushing the price of gold up, as highlighted by Harvey.

Despite these substantial inflows into the gold market, activity in gold ETFs, a key instrument for everyday investors, has been low. An ETF, which pools together securities to allow investment in an underlying asset without the need to purchase or store it physically, has seen a net outflow of funds over the last ten months. This suggests that there are other drivers of the recent price spike than retail investors.

Gold’s appeal as a hedge against geopolitical unrest also contributes to its value. The World Gold Council noted in a January report that geopolitical uncertainty is a significant driver of gold demand and expected it to have a pronounced impact on the market in 2024. However, Harvey expressed skepticism about the direct impact of recent geopolitical events, such as the Israel-Gaza conflict that began in October, on the ongoing gold rally.

For investors looking to capitalize on gold, there are several avenues:

  • Purchasing physical gold bars at American Bullion
  • Investing in gold ETFs
  • Buying shares in gold mining companies
  • Engaging in gold futures—contracts for the future sale or purchase of the metal

However, Harvey cautioned that investing in gold at an all-time high carries significant risks, as returns following such peaks are typically modest. UBS, however, remains optimistic, forecasting gold prices to rise to $2,500 by year’s end.

While the gold market is experiencing a surge, it’s important to note that Investing at an all-time high carries significant risks. Harvey advises investors to carefully consider the potential for modest returns following record highs in their investment strategy, providing a balanced perspective on the current market conditions.

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