Gold Is Taking Off With Or Without You!

Gold is upWe successfully predicted last month’s stock market melt-up and starting in the New Year we suggested that conditions are ripe for a reversal of fortune. We reminded everyone that gold and other physical precious metals provide some of the best financial protection against negative, as well as, cataclysmic economic conditions and occurrences. There were already plenty of negative factors in place that could affect stocks and other financial instruments, but WAR is a wild card that never bodes well for most financial instruments. So, since the U.S. killed Iran’s Number 2 politician last week, the market has indeed reversed its course and precious metals have spiked. Gold managed to hit a seven-year high earlier this morning and silver ran up also. But this is just the beginning!

Though they’ve taken a hit, stock prices are still within range of all-time highs, making it easier than ever to get out of the stock market at a high and into precious metals at relatively still lower prices. This long-overdue bull stock market’s correction is in process, but due to a combination of serious economic factors, it’s quite possible that this will be far more than a “correction.” The current economic outlook could easily develop into a freefall for many financial instruments. $2,000 gold can and quite possibly will happen very quickly. But that too is just the beginning. During previous wars, we’ve had the luxury of knowing where the enemy was located and generally speaking, how well they were armed. The war Iran is preparing to unleash is quite probably going to hit us in ways and places we didn’t know we had, let alone needed to protect.

Public companies borrowing more money to buy back company stock in order to artificially inflate stock values and fatten executive bonuses aren’t going to help the situation. More “trade breakthrough” news isn’t going to help. The economic cracks that the Fed has been patching for years have the potential to become major fissures in no time at all. The potential for a precipitous market collapse continues to increase with time. Whether or not that happens doesn’t change the fact that the serious problems we’ve been “working through” don’t care about our efforts or intentions. The “strong” economy we’ve been hearing about is going to be assaulted from every side and a lot of the fake news that’s been supporting it can be washed away in an instant, along with “profits” that you’ve only experienced on paper to this point.

Don’t become a casualty of this war! Global economies are in a state of flux, but unlike 2008, the combination of negative economic conditions are in a position to change much faster and deeper than previously realized. Capitalize on current market profits and protect them with the safety, security and tremendous growth potential of gold and other physical precious metals. Call the precious metal experts at American Bullion now, to make the arrangements necessary to protect your assets, your family and your legacy.