Gold Can Provide Better Protection than Stocks or Bonds

Los Angeles, CA – This year, more investors have chosen to protect their retirement funds by diversifying the assets in their portfolios to include a percentage of precious metals. They have been doing this because most 401(k)s as well as Traditional and Roth IRAs, are comprised of paper-denominated assets like stocks and bonds which have lost value due to the continuing devaluation of the U.S. dollar. Smart investors have therefore been converting a percentage of their assets into physical gold with a new American Bullion Gold IRA.

Gold has proven to be a ‘safe haven’ during uncertain economic times and this has been particularly true during the current economic downturn which began late in 2007. There are three unique reasons to convert a percentage of your paper assets to gold, silver or platinum. These reasons include:

  • Gold provides protection against the devalued dollar and rising inflation
  • Gold provides important diversification for your overall portfolio
  • Gold has proven to appreciate in value over time and retain its intrinsic value

Gold, silver and platinum bullion coins and bars are considered by many analysts to represent the best-possible retirement asset. Unlike stocks, bonds, annuities and savings accounts, precious metals never rely upon the performance of financial institutions for determining their value. For these reasons, gold in particular, remains a stable safe haven during financially troubled periods.

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