Gold Below $1600 per Ounce

The end of the week shows good news for those who have been apprehensive about buying gold and silver. Often times, there is a mentality of waiting to buy these precious metals until they hit or fall below a certain price. If you fall into this group, then now is time to buy.

Buy Low – Sell Never?

The old adage of “buy low sell high” doesn’t exactly apply to precious metals. The main reason for “buying low” is to buy more. The more gold and silver you possess the stronger your overall foundation of wealth will be. Thus, the question arises, why would you sell high? What’s the point of selling at all? If the money you invested in precious metals is now increasing in value at a higher rate than most mutual funds do, why sell?

Prices Won’t Stay This Way For Long:

If you have been following the gold and silver markets lately then you know gold has been floating around the $1600.00 mark for some time now. Silver dropped once below the $27.00 per ounce mark in the past few weeks, but was quick to recover. If you have been waiting to get in on buying hard physical gold or silver, now is the time.

Looking Forward:

Many experts believe these metals should recover soon. Summer is typically a slow and low time for these markets overall. Most often, precious metals see the largest rise in price per ounce between the months of August and December. Please view this post for more information about this time of year.

Can you afford another 2008? Gold and silver were able to weather that storm without much difficulty. The stock market was a different story, and if you had invested your wealth into real estate – that was a whole different matter.

Smart investors know that protecting their paper assets is best done by entrusting their wealth into hard physical gold and silver. These metals have proven to be a safe haven from inflation and the ever-changing stock market. Buy now while these metals are at a low. Gold and silver have easily recovered from these prices before.

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