Gold and Technology: Demand Will Drive Prices Up

The need for gold in technology is growing at an amazing rate. As companies like Google and Apple expand into the future, we will only see a steadily increasing need for this special yellow metal.

Why Gold for Technology?

Of all the metals used in circuitry (copper, silver, gold) gold is the best choice for building our integrated circuits. But what does this mean exactly? As our everyday technological devices become smaller and smaller in size, we will see a growing need for the use of gold. Simply put, because gold has the best properties for building integrated circuits of any metal available on the earth, companies will demand this precious metal for continued production.

Cell Phones & Computers

Millions of cell phones and computers are manufactured every month for the major technologic players of the world. The USA, Japan, Western Europe, India and China all have massive needs for these devices and in turn, a need for gold. As the developed world evolves past 2012 we will see an unprecedented amount of major companies all over the world vying for this metal.

Aggressive Mega Corporations Taking Over

If you haven’t kept up with any major company dealings in the past few years then here is a short update. Google bought YouTube for $1.6 Billion. Apple invested billions expanding into China. Now more recently, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion.

Numbers like should not be ignored and it is simply ridiculous to think that the demand for gold in technology is something to overlook. When mega corporations like these can snap their fingers to the tune of a billion dollars the manufacturing needs for technology can take a quantum leap overnight.

The Need for the Need

Clearly you can see there is a need for Gold in technology, however consider this for a moment. As our world progresses into the future, we are all being forced into needing technological devices such as smart phones and laptops. In essence we are double bound to our dependence on gold because there is a need for the need of gold.

What This Demand Means For Investors

Think in terms of not “if” this demand will affect the gold markets but “when.” Those who have the foresight to invest in gold now will assuredly capitalize on this upswing. Gold, just like every other commodity, is still driven by supply and demand. As the demand for gold in technology increases over the coming years, the supply will undoubtedly be affected. Those investors who possess the hard physical, tangible supply of gold will ultimately come out on top.

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