Best 1oz Gold Coins To Buy

There are various gold bullion coins in the market, and it can be unclear to decide which gold coin to buy.

To help you, we bring you a list of the best 1oz gold coins to buy.

Best 1oz Gold CoinsBefore we dive into our list, it is important to cover the various factors that help determine how gold coins are valued, as this will help guide you in buying the top gold coins we will list.

Factors that help determine the value of a gold coin

Type Of Coin

The number one factor that goes into estimating the value of a coin is dependent on the kind of coin you’re valuing. Here are some of the most common coin types:

Certified Coins

These coins are rated on the Sheldon Coin Grading Scale from 1 to 70 after being graded and having their condition verified by a grading service.

Proof Coins:

These coins are valued based on the method used in their manufacturing. They are high-quality gold coins.

Uncirculated Coins:

These coins are majorly public coins that are not in circulation. They usually have a mint state of 60 or higher or are coins discarded from the production process.

Coin Size

A coin’s size plays a role in determining its value. The bigger the coin by thickness or diameter, the higher its value.


Getting your coin from reputable suppliers helps ensure that its value remains the same.

gold coins to buyTop 10 Best 1oz Gold Coins To Buy

1oz American Eagle Gold Coin

The American Eagle Gold coin has been in existence since 1986. The United States Mint produces it with gold exclusively mined in the United States.

It is one of the most popular gold bullion coins widely used by investors. One of the reasons this coin is popular is the high purity of the gold content. This coin is also popular among investors because of its relatively low prices over the spot.

This coin is one of the best gold bullion coins to buy because it’s highly liquid and offers investors one of the best ROI they can get from gold bullion coins. Its high liquidity is due to its popularity in the finance market.

1oz American Eagle Gold CoinIt contains .9167 fine gold and is an official legal tender used by investors and the jewelry industry. This gold coin is a bit larger than the American Buffalo Gold coin.

The value of the American Eagle Gold coin is 50 USD (United States Dollars)

1oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is issued by the Canadian government yearly. It was first released in 1979.

It is a gold bullion coin made only from gold by the Royal Canadian Mint.

The Gold Maple Leaf coin is a legal tender widely used by investors and the jewelry industry.

It is part of the best performers in the market due to its viability and liquidity. Plus, this gold coin is also guaranteed by the Canadian government.

It contains .9999 fine gold; hence each Canadian Maple Leaf coin is 99.99% pure gold.

This coin is designed with Maple Leaf (Canada’s national symbol)

The value of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is 50 CAD (Canadian Dollars)

1oz South African Krugerrand Gold Coin

The South African Krugerrand Gold coin was officially first produced in 1964. It is the first South African gold bullion coin made accessible to the public.

In 1980, this coin was very popular in the market and accounted for 80% of gold coin trading that occurred in the international market. The popularity of this coin died down due to apartheid (South Africa’s racial segregation)

The name of the coin “Krugerrand” was coined from the name Paul Kruger (South Africa’s first Boer President) and Rand (South Africa’s official currency)

South African Krugerrand Gold CoinThis controversial coin was designed with one side showing Paul Kruger, from which the coin got its name, and the other side showing Springbok (South Africa’s national animal)

The Krugerrand gold coin contains 91.7% gold, and the remaining part of the coin is copper.

Although this coin is still in production by the South African Mint’s Rand Refinery, its popularity has reduced compared to what it had in the 1980s.

Despite its decrease in popularity, the Krugerrand Gold coin is one of the top coins investors can buy and add to their portfolio.

1oz American Buffalo Gold Coin

The American Buffalo Gold Coin is a fairly new gold coin that came into existence in 2006. The United States mint began producing this coin to work as a competitor against the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold coin.

That’s not all; the United States mint created this coin to serve as an alternative to the American Eagle Gold coin. However, this American Buffalo Gold coin is a bit more than the American Eagle Gold coin.

It contains .9999 fine gold equal to 24kt, while the American Eagle Gold coin contains .9167 fine gold equal to 22kt.

The remarkable design of the American Buffalo Gold coin makes it a great coin that investors and collectors love. It’s also a legal tender used by investors and the jewelry industry.

The value of the American Buffalo Gold coin is 50 USD (United States Dollars)

1oz Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

The Philharmonic Gold coin is one of the first gold bullion coins produced in Europe. The Austrian Mint officially released this coin in 1989, although they began to harness the idea of their gold bullion coin in 1986.

This gold bullion coin was created with investors in mind, so it’s one of the gold coins that are easy to obtain. The easy access of this coin makes it a great asset to investors, plus the elegance of the Philharmonic coin cannot be overlooked.

The Philharmonic gold coin contains .9999 pure gold, equal to 24kt. It’s also a legal tender used by investors and the jewelry industry.

This gold bullion coin was designed to pay homage to the thriving musical arts in Vienna, Austria’s capital city. On one side of the coin, there’s an array of orchestral instruments, and on the other side, there’s the grand pipe organ at the famous music hall where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is usually performed.

The value of the Austrian Gold coin is €100. It is also sometimes referred to as the Vienna Gold Philharmonics.

1oz British Britannia Gold Coin

The British Britannia Gold coin contained .9167 pure gold when it was first created. In 2013, the Britannia gold coin was refined to be .9999 pure gold.

The British Royal Mint (now United Kingdom Royal Mint) has been in existence for over 1000 years. This Royal Mint has been responsible for producing high-quality gold coins that exist in various locations around the world.

When creating their gold bullion coin, the United Kingdom Royal Mint left no stone unturned and created a unique coin. The coin has Queen Elizabeth II on one side and female Britannia guarding the sea (Roman depiction) on the other side.

British Britannia Gold CoinThis coin is unique, but it’s also IRA eligible, which makes it one of the best gold coins for investors to buy and add to their portfolio. Plus, the Britannia Gold coin is a legal tender.

The value of the British Britannia Gold coin is £100.

1oz Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

The Australian Kangaroo Gold coin came into existence in 1986. The unique and sideline design of this coin has made it very popular, so it’s recognized almost everywhere around the globe.

It’s one of the best gold coins an investor can buy, but that’s not all. It’s also regarded as a top gold coin due to its beauty and high quality.

This Kangaroo Gold coin has exceptional and consistent quality plus it is very well known in almost every country.

Australian Kangaroo Gold CoinIt’s a gold bullion coin that is made from .9999 fine gold.

The value of the Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin is 100 Australian Dollars.

1oz Mexican Libertad Gold Coin

The Mexican Libertad Gold coin was struck by one of the oldest North American mints.

It is widely famous among investors because of its exceptional beauty and affordability. The limited mintage of the Mexican Libertad Gold coin makes it widely sought after by investors across the globe.

Mexican Libertad Gold CoinThis gold bullion coin carries a legendary design. On one side of the coin, there’s a depiction of Winged Victory between two Mexican volcano peaks, and on the other side of the coin, there’s the Mexican Shield.

The Mexican Libertad Gold coin is a top that every investor should have on their portfolio.

1oz Chinese Panda Gold Coin

The Chinese Panda Gold coin was introduced to the market in 1982. It was one of the coins that existed along with the South African Krugerrand Gold coin.

Due to the need for alternatives to the Krugerrand Gold coin, the Chinese Panda Gold coin experienced a great increase in popularity.

Today the Panda Gold coin is widely sought after by investors due to the diversity it gives their portfolio, plus the appeal of this coin to international traders.

Chinese Panda Gold CoinThis bullion gold coin is unique in terms of design because the Chinese Panda Gold coin offers a new design to the market every year.

Investors love this gold bullion coin as it is one of the most cost-effective vehicles to buy gold.

1oz Somalian Elephant Gold Coin

The Bavarian State Mints produces one of the finest gold coins globally, the Somalian Elephant Gold coin.

This coin is quite exceptional because there’s a new magnificent image of the African elephant every year.

The Somalian Elephant Gold coin has a value of 1000 shillings, but its intrinsic value is so much greater.

Somalian Elephant Gold CoinFrequently Asked Questions About Buying Gold Coins 

What is the purest gold coin?

The purest gold coin in the world is the American Buffalo Gold coin and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. They are the purest gold coin, with 99.99% gold purity.

Can I sell my gold coin to the bank?

No, you can’t sell your gold coin to the bank. Most banks do not accept gold coins due to missing evaluation possibilities despite gold coins being a legal tender.

What is the best way to buy gold coins?

The best way to buy gold coins is through online dealers and verified local dealers.