A Sucker Punch May Win the Battle, but Probably Not the War!

It’s become extremely clear that President Trump does not believe that maintaining the status quo has been beneficial for the United States. There is no doubt that foreign countries have viewed the U.S. like an open book and that at least generally speaking, the country’s response to anything has been clear, calculated, and quite predictable. However, it has become President Trump’s chosen method of operation, to bypass obvious routes and instead pursue those that are not transparent, are not obvious, and are not expected. While that can be an effective tool against the country’s greatest opposition, it can be concerning, confusing and potentially dangerous when applied to allies.

Since the ‘election’ of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it’s been difficult to categorize Turkey as a staunch ally. What should happen in simple, back door negotiations for the release of pastor Andrew Brunson, are now being aired publicly, raising yet another country to a visible level of disagreement with the United States. President Trump’s doubling of steel and aluminum tariffs sparked an immediate and precipitous currency devaluation for Turkey. Also on Monday, the growing list of countries angered by the U.S., gave reason for Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, speaking at a press conference in Ankara, to state that “Abuse, gross abuse of the role of the US dollar as a world reserve currency will cause its role to be weakened.”

As much as Tweets and knee-jerk reactions might be appreciated by President Trump, it’s painfully obvious that the rest of the world appreciates a ‘controlled predictability’ from the planet’s most respected world power. So of course, given provocation to strike back, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu wasted no time to announce that, “Today, sanctions are imposed on Turkey, and tomorrow they can be used against any other European state. If the United States wants to maintain respect in the international arena, then it is necessary for it to be respectful of the interests of other countries.”

China and Russia have laid all the necessary the groundwork to replace the U.S. dollar as the premier global reserve currency. The Fed’s misguided thrust to continue rate increases continues to feed an out-of-control national debt. President Trump’s new military spending will either come from taxpayers now, or later in the form of increasing debt, higher inflation, and rising consumer prices. Well-known economist Peter Schiff said today, “As the economy goes back to recession, it becomes obvious we are going to lose the trade war because we are now benefiting from the subsidies that foreign economies are extending to us by allowing to buy what they produce on credit… This will end in a US dollar collapse, and people will rush to buy gold.” Call (800) 531-6525, to speak with the experts at American Bullion for assistance. Don’t get caught without a chair when the music stops!

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