A golden lining to the Golden State’s drought

By Nienetwiler (Own work) [CC BY 2.5 ch], via Wikimedia Commons

California’s now four-year drought is serving as a reminder of the everlasting allure of gold. Prospectors have been taking advantage of low water levels, finding pieces of gold that are normally submerged.

“In recent years, drought-inspired gold seeking has spiked sales of sluice boxes, gold pans and metal detectors at Gold County mining stores from Columbia in Tuolumne County to Auburn in Placer County. While the drought, now in its fourth year, has rendered many creeks too dry for panning, new adventures are opening elsewhere as receding waters reveal more treasures,” wrote the Sacramento Bee.

Albert Fausel, a gold prospector and owner of the historic Placerville Hardware Store, sees the golden lining to California’s drought. The Cosumnes River in southern El Dorado County was once a great swimming and fishing spot, but the lowered water levels have revealed sediments with “a lot of gold in ’em,” Fausel said. “It’s a sad season for fishing – so why not go out and get some gold?”

Placerville Hardware was founded in 1852, four years after James Marshal discovered gold in California. Prospectors now come into the store to show off pieces of gold they’ve unearthed from nearby creeks.

“I see some beautiful gold coming into the store,” Fausel said. “That gets my tourists all excited. You come into the store and somebody’s got gold in their pocket. It’s amazing.”

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