A Gold IRA Is Poised To Shine Brightly!

A Gold IRA Is Poised To Shine BrightlyIt may be a great time to open or add to your Gold IRA. The stock market is attempting to re-inflate, but there is really nothing of value to build upon. With all of the money printing that’s occurred, in order to battle the coronavirus, the deficit, national debt, and inflation are poised to increase at a record pace, so the dollar is looking to be devalued convincingly. Add to that package of bad news, and unemployment roster poised to exceed 15% and a global recession whose numbers may be eclipsed by our own domestic downturn and you have all the ingredients necessary for serious economic calamity. Gold, silver, and other precious metals have a long history of serving as a viable hedge against just such economic chaos.

The shelter at home orders, due to our need for coronavirus containment, have many Americans in need of an outlet. Attempts by most states to begin the economic reopening process and a growing number of protests, in light of the George Floyd case, have created a cacophony of maladies that will only add to the economic consternation. Meanwhile, just last month, Bank of America increased its expectations for a rise in the price of gold from $2,000 per ounce, before the end of 2021, to $3,000. Bank of America owns Merrill Lynch. They would love to get everyone excited about the stock market, so as to generate more business, but they too see the writing on the wall and can’t ignore the obvious reality that gold and other precious metals are in for a long term ride.

A Gold IRA is an ultimate vehicle for a traditional IRA or old 401(k). Annual fees are comparatively low with the custodian we utilize, which is Strata Trust Company out of Austin, Texas. In an emergency, funds are easily accessible from a Gold IRA. This economy is going to get progressively rougher over time and those who protect their portfolios and retirement accounts with a precious metals IRA will be in a far greater position when the coming economic chaos takes root.

American Bullion was a pioneer in the Gold IRA industry and has maintained our easy to remember phone number throughout the years. Our easy-to-remember number is (800) GOLD-IRA, which translates to (800) 465-3472. Current precious metal prices are still significantly below previous market highs. So, there couldn’t be a better time to open or add to, a Gold IRA. Call the precious metal experts at American Bullion to see how simple the process can be. Protect your portfolios, assets, and legacy now. Get in front of the curve and don’t wait for precious metal prices to skyrocket completely. Call the GOLD IRA experts at American Bullion, NOW! Call (800) GOLD-IRA. That’s (800) 465-3472.