3 Commonly Asked Questions About Gold

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People who are skeptical about buying gold tend to have a few basic questions before they commit to purchasing their first coins or bars. Below we have listed 3 questions which most first-time buyers ask.

Is It Legal to Own Gold in Mass Quantities?

Yes – there are no legal restrictions as to how much gold you can or cannot own. At one point in U.S. history it was illegal to own gold bullion; however as of January 1, 1975 all restrictions were lifted. Now you may own as much gold in any form you want, be it coins, bars, rings, or bracelets.

What’s the Difference Between Real Gold and ETFs?

ETFs are not real gold – plain and simple. ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are simply contracts backed by gold.  The point of purchasing real gold and/or silver is to protect your wealth. Many investors find it troublesome to have their wealth tied up in contracts and not the real tangible item.

If you are considering buying gold, buy real gold. Talk to us here at American Bullion and we will be happy to answer any of your questions about purchasing gold. Again, the main point of buying physical gold is to protect your wealth.

Why Is Gold Considered a “Safe Haven”?

There are many negative factors that can affect your wealth. Inflation will take a toll on your money if you simply leave it in a savings account. When your money is tied up in the stock market, then clearly your performance is proportional to how well the economy is doing. When the economy fails, so will your investments.

Traditionally, gold performs well when the economy is down. Investors often flock to precious metals to get out of the roller coaster of the stock market. Gold has been around for thousands of years and will continue to be a well-traded commodity for thousands more. Businesses may come and go, yet this special yellow metal will be here long after those businesses have gone.

Getting Started

Reach out today and get your questions answered. Allow the experts here at American Bullion to guide you through the simple process of buying physical gold to help protect your wealth for years to come.

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