2023 Annual American Bullion Scholarship Winner Is Announced!


American Bullion is proud to announce the winner of the 2023 Annual Scholarship Essay Program! If you are considering entering or wondering how to win a scholarship of your own, read the essay below to learn more. Winners are selected from qualified entrants each year, and the entry of a winning student can help you learn how to get a scholarship of your own.

A college scholarship of $1,000 has been awarded. Well over 1000 applications were received in total and the talented student below was awarded a scholarship worth $1,000. Applicants were asked to write an essay answering the question, “The Beneficial Role of Gold and Silver Ownership During Inflation and Economic Turmoil.” Participating students offered a wide range of viewpoints, each with its own approach and opinion. American Bullion is proud to award this scholarship to the deserving student below. The 2023 winner is:

Aimee Calen – Northern Arizona University

Nevtan Akcora, Co-Founder and President of American Bullion said, “I am very happy to see the number of applicants to our annual scholarship contest continue to increase each year. And I am very excited to see that so many millennials understand the importance and potential of alternative investments, such as gold and other physical precious metals. Again, I’d like to thank all of the participants for their submissions in this year’s competition and wish the best for all in their academic endeavors and beyond.”

Winners’ Thoughts & Essay

Aimee Calen

I want to thank American Bullion Inc. for awarding me the 2023 scholarship. I’m really grateful for this opportunity. I’m studying Accountancy and Cultural Studies in my first year at Northern Arizona University, and this scholarship will help me a lot. It also got me thinking about how money is changing these days. Looking back at silver and gold, I see how important they’ve always been in trade. This scholarship has made me realize how much these metals still matter today, shaping our finances. I’m thankful for this chance; it has opened my eyes to their role in our modern world.

Once again thank you so much for this opportunity!


Essay:“The Beneficial Role of Gold and Silver Ownership During Inflation and Economic Turmoil.”


Throughout human history, gold and silver have stood the test of time as stores of value and wealth. These precious metals have transcended centuries, cultures, and economic fluctuations, maintaining their allure and significance. One of the key reasons behind their enduring appeal is their unique ability to serve as hedges against inflation and economic turmoil. In this essay, we will explore the benefits of owning gold and silver during times of inflation and economic uncertainty, highlighting their role as
reliable assets for preserving and protecting wealth.

1. A Hedge against Inflation.

Inflation, the steady increase in the prices of goods and services over time, erodes the purchasing power
of a currency. When the inflation rate exceeds the interest rate earned on savings or investments,
individuals effectively lose wealth. During such times, gold and silver have consistently proven to be
reliable hedges against the depreciating value of fiat currencies.

1.1 Intrinsic Value

Unlike paper money or digital currencies, which have no intrinsic value, gold and silver possess inherent
worth due to their scarcity and physical properties. The limited supply of these metals ensures that they
retain their value over time, making them a safe haven during periods of inflation. As central banks print
more money to combat economic challenges, the value of currency decreases, while the relative value
of gold and silver remains stable.

1.2 Liquidity and Portability

Gold and silver's liquidity and portability make them practical assets during inflation. These metals can
be easily bought and sold in various forms, from coins and bars to ETFs and mining stocks. Unlike other
investments that might require significant lead time to convert to cash, gold and silver can be quickly
turned into currency when needed, ensuring financial flexibility during challenging economic conditions.

2. A Safe Haven during Economic Turmoil

Economic turmoil can manifest in the form of financial crises, stock market crashes, or geopolitical
instability. During these tumultuous times, the diversification benefits of owning gold and silver become
particularly evident.

2.1 Diversification and Risk Mitigation

Gold and silver offer diversification in an investment portfolio, helping to reduce overall risk. When
traditional investments such as stocks and bonds underperform or face significant volatility, precious
metals often move in the opposite direction. This negative correlation provides a cushion for investors,
as the appreciation of gold and silver can offset losses in other asset classes during economic crises.

2.2 Psychological Security

Economic turmoil often leads to heightened anxiety and uncertainty among investors. The psychological
reassurance that comes from owning tangible, precious assets like gold and silver cannot be overstated.



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