2017 USA Bullion Dealer Of The Year

American Bullion is proud to announce their receipt of the “2017 USA Bullion Dealer of the Year Award.” It is presented by Bullion.Directory, an online industry-supported resource guide, responsible for reviewing the business practices and customer opinions covering 855 bullion and precious metals dealers across five countries, while being committed to providing “essential resources for all bullion investors – at every level.” Bullion.Directory provides investors with an invaluable service, providing regular market analysis, metals news and commentaries, impartial user ratings & gold dealer reviews, as well as investment guides, hints and tips, all FREE to investors. FTC transparency requirements mandate Bullion.Directory, to disclose that they are an industry-supported provider, however Bullion.Directory is quick to point out, that “strict company policy demands compensation does not influence user submitted ratings and reviews or editorial content, including reviews.”

As a pioneer in the Gold IRA industry and as one of North America’s leading precious metals dealer, American Bullion needs little in the way of introduction. Most impressive is that in a year when participating individual customer voters doubled over the previous year, American Bullion took the title, as a first year nominee by beating 2016’s winner, proof positive of the strong customer loyalty American Bullion has built in their 8 years of business operation. Customer satisfaction clearly empowered American Bullion to take more than a third of the entire U.S. vote, with 2,530 votes from 6,894 individual voting participants.

With over 20,000 visitors per month, Bullion.Directory provides needed services for the precious metals investment community. As a customer-based service, American Bullion CEO Ozkan Orkan was even happier to announce, that in addition to the USA Bullion Dealer of the Year Award, his company was also selected as Bullion.Directory’s “Top Gold Retirement Specialist’ of 2017” saying, “this award was particularly gratifying to me, because getting investors to realize the importance and even necessity of physical gold and silver within an IRA was a founding principle of our company. Initially, we spent all our time and effort creating the network and in-house processing necessary to make transfers and rollovers to a Gold IRA, as quick and simple for the customer as possible.”

Economic and political turmoil around the globe is making precious metals an important consideration for every investor and American Bullion is happy to be well-positioned, as a major source of fair, experienced, and customer-oriented precious metal investment services. Precious metals protect all types of investment portfolios from sudden cataclysmic economic events, as well as protracted negative events like we saw in 2008. The lesson to be learned is that precious metals offer one of the best long-term hedges against the impact of negative economic forces and practically no investment portfolio exists that could not receive benefit from the inclusion of physical precious metals.

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