The Silver Dollar That Sold for $10 Million

The $10 Million Dollar 1794 Silver Dollar

In 1794, the first session of the United States Senate was open to the public, Eli Whitney was granted a patent for the cotton gin and the U.S. Mint struck the first “flowing hair” silver dollar. Today, Reuters announced that a 1794 silver dollar sold at an auction for a record $10 million to rare coin dealer, Legend Numismatics. “We felt in our heart that this would be the very first coin to exceed the $10 million barrier in auction and were in fact prepared to bid much higher in order to acquire this unique piece of history,” the company said in a statement, adding it had no plans to sell the coin in the near future.

David Bowers, chairman emeritus of Stack’s Bowers Galleries, said the coin has unique features that make it particularly valuable.”It is the first American metal dollar struck and the finest known. You have these combinations coming together. No museum has an equal piece.” The coin was part of the Cardinal Collection, amassed by the collector Martin Logies. Bowers described the collection as the “Old Masters” of coins struck during the earliest years of the U.S. Mint.

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