The Procrastinator’s Guide to Investing in Gold

Perhaps you’ve heard a few things around the water-cooler at work about gold. You’ve even seen those “Cash 4 Gold” signs popping up everywhere. You know there’s money to be made by investing in gold, but you remain hesitant about diving in. Let’s look now at a few reasons why procrastination could cost you in the long run.

Are you waiting for “The Right Time to Buy”?

We all hear the same excuse for not buying gold. “I’m waiting until gold drops below a certain mark. You need to buy low and sell high.” Let’s get real here. If this is your mind set – you’ll never invest. These wait-and-see onlookers are missing the boat completely. Investing in gold is all about the long term.

Your financial investor may not want you to know this, but gold has outperformed most mutual funds in the past 10 years. Buying gold is an ongoing process. With procuring just a handful of gold coins every year, think about how much those coins will be worth in ten years – what about twenty years?

Are You Hesitant About Doing An IRA Rollover?

Clearly it’s a big step. However, if you have an IRA or old 401k and have been thinking about investing in gold, take action soon! Gold’s performance shows little sign of slowing down, so what’s the point in waiting?

It’s All About Stability…

There’s a reason why gold is labeled as a safe haven investment. Buying gold protects the value of your wealth – plain and simple. As inflation causes the dollar’s value to drop, there will always be investors buying gold to cover their proverbial assets.

Furthermore, gold has been around for 1000’s of years. Companies on the stock exchange come and go. Sadly, this is what most mutual funds are based on. Corporations can vanish overnight with one mistake. If you have a large sum of money invested in any one of these corporations, therein lies the danger. It may be evident, but gold has never gone to zero. Gold will always have a value and if the experts’ projections are correct, that value will continue to grow for many years to come.

Take Action Today!

Have you ever heard someone say, “If I would have only invested in gold 5 years ago.” Think about what people will be saying 10 or 15 years from now. If gold’s upward trend continues then you may become just another sad “should-have” statistic. Take charge and start investing in gold today so that in 5 years you can proudly say, “I’m glad I had the foresight to invest in gold 5 years ago!”

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