The Price of Gold – 3 Resources to Monitor Gold

It can often be hard to keep up with commodities. It’s important to know what the day-to-day price per ounce is doing, but it’s also vital to understand the factors that drive the long term and short term prices. Here are a few resources that will help keep you up to speed with regards to the ongoing price of gold.

The World Gold Council:

This is by far one of the most non-biased resources for information on gold today. They literally have books worth of information as well as ongoing statistics relating to gold. If this wasn’t enough, the WGC also publishes topical press releases approximately twice per month. If you aren’t reading each and every one of these releases – you should be. This is an exceptional starting point for those who wish learn more about the market factors that can affect gold.

Google Alerts:

Gold News: Google alerts have an effortless way to keep up with news pertaining to gold. You can have everything from recent blog posts to new videos about gold sent directly to your inbox. This makes understanding the price of gold much easier when you don’t have to go out and look for updates. Isn’t it better to have specific news pertaining to gold arrive in your inbox daily rather than spending the time to search for fresh information? Setting up Google Alerts takes less than 2 minutes and will save you hours in the long run.

US Dollar Index: While you’re diving into Google Alerts, go ahead and set up another one for the US Dollar Index. The USDX is a measure of the value of our dollar relative to a handful of other countries. It’s important to keep your eye on the USDX because there exists a certain inverse relationship to the price of gold. Therefore, when the value of the dollar goes down the price per ounce of gold typically rises. Keeping your eye on how inflation affects gold will help you make more educated investment decisions.

American Bullion:

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