Portfolio Asset Losses Need Not Delay Retirement Plans

Los Angeles, CA — According to ABC News, 77 million ‘Baby Boomers’ born between 1946 and 1964 have discovered to their dismay that they may not have enough in their retirement accounts to comfortably retire. Because of this, 44% have expressed that they have little or no faith that they will actually have enough money to retire. Of these, 1 in 4 said they didn’t think they would ever be able to retire comfortably!

Portfolio Asset Losses Need Not Delay or Cancel Retirement Plans

Six in ten boomers said that their investments, retirement funds and home values took such severe losses during the past 3 years, that they are delaying any thoughts of retiring. In still another recent report, the AARP stated that one in four people between the ages of 45 to 54 were considering delaying their retirement, furthermore one in five between 55 and 64 are thinking that way too.

Converting a Percentage of Paper-Denominated Assets to Gold May Provide a Solution

There are numerous steps one can take to prevent this problem. These include downsizing, lowering monthly expenditures and staying actively employed longer. However, another smart step is to protect your retirement assets and maximize the potential appreciation of their value.

Many people who are closing-in on retirement have seen the major losses that friends, family and associates have taken from portfolios comprised of 100% paper-denominated assets. These investors have chosen to diversify their portfolios by converting their Traditional and Roth IRAs into new Gold IRAs. Gold, silver and platinum have always been safe havens during financially-troubled times and also do not devalue as currency does. Perhaps equally important, gold, in particular, has continually appreciated in value as can been seen in the Kitco Metals chart below that graphs the market price for gold over the past ten years:

Gold bullion coins and bars are considered to be to the ultimate retirement asset by many financial analysts and commodities experts. Unlike stocks, bonds and annuities, gold never loses intrinsic value based upon the performance of financial institutions.  It is also an excellent hedge against inflation. For these reasons, gold has been seen as a tried and true safe haven during financially troubled periods such as the one we have been in since late 2007.

Converting to a New Gold IRA is Fast, Safe and Tax Free

It’s not difficult to convert a Traditional or Roth IRA into a physical gold IRA. You can also roll over the assets in a 401(k), provided that you have already been separated from your employer when you make the conversion. American Bullion has many IRA specialists on staff to help you transfer any desired percentage of your existing paper assets into a physical gold IRA account.

Our Gold IRA specialists make the entire process simple, secure and hassle-free. We use Self Directed IRA Services, Inc., as our trust company. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Horizon Bank. The physical gold in all IRA accounts is stored by SDIRA in an IRS-approved secure depository until you wish to take possession of it.

You can choose from a full spectrum of gold bullion coins or bars. American Bullion provides a complete range of pre-1933 and modern day bullion gold coins for investors to select from. We also have Swiss, French and British gold coins. These transactions are completely private; your Social Security number or an IRS 1099 form are never required. We also carry gold bullion as bars in Kilo (32.15 Oz), 10 and 1-Ounce sizes. We can also provide platinum, silver and palladium products. Our Gold IRA Specialists are particularly adept at helping customers customize a new gold IRA that precisely matches their needs and circumstances.

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American Bullion specializes in adding gold and silver to retirement accounts. If you have a question or would like to know more about your investment options, please call American Bullion at 1-800-326-9598 to speak with a precious metals specialist.