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Generally speaking, Balanced Investors view investing from a perspective of maintaining a diversification and tend to focus on offsetting losses with potential gains. This focus on balance helps to weather unforeseen storms and gives them a level of comfort knowing they have pre-planned for rainy days in the market. As a result, Balanced Investors can, at times, experience challenges in deciding which investments would make the best counter measures to inflationary or stagflationary markets.

However, Balanced Investors also are strongly attracted to long term value and preservation of capital and typically are more interested in hard assets – like real estate, cash and precious metals because these assets tend to provide the counter-balance they search for to offset risk in stocks and bonds. Because of this tendency, this group of investors, has a tendency to focus on one group of hard assets that “makes sense” to them, and are less likely to diversify – even within the diversification classes of assets. Traditionally, some Balanced Investors will only invest in real estate or hold a portion of their portfolio in cash and potentially miss out on the increased balancing and even potential gains they could experience with precious metals, collectibles or even foreign currency.

Protect Your Life Savings and Retirement Funds With Physical Precious Metal

At American Bullion, we specialize in working with Balanced Investors, like yourself, who value maintaining a balanced, common sense approach to investing, where they can offset losses and preserve capital as much as possible.

With a Precious Metals IRA, Balanced Investors have the unique opportunity to convert some or all of their 401K or IRA holdings into tangible physical precious metals which have shown the test of time and out paced inflationary markets to protect investment capital and long term spending power.

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