American Bullion Featured on “Money Q&A” Podcast

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This week, American Bullion was featured on the Money Q&A podcast to discuss “Investing in Gold for Your Retirement”.

“Your Money, Your Choices” is an online podcast that clears up the confusion between Roth IRAs, CDs, stocks, insurance, and your 401(k) plan. The host, Hank Coleman, provides tips and tools that you can put into action right now to help save your hard-earned income in ways that will protect your future. Whether you’re a single mom or a father of five, this podcast will put your money back in your control where it belongs!

Here were a few of the questions discussed on the podcast:

  1. What are the options for adding precious metals to an IRA?
  2. What is the process for adding Gold to an IRA?
  3. How much of a retirement account should be in precious metals?
  4. How does Gold’s value relate to the stock market?
  5. Where is the Gold shipped to?
  6. What is the process of liquidating Gold from a retirement account?
  7. What is the process of taking a distribution from my Gold IRA?

To download the podcast from iTunes, visit and click on the episode titled “Investing in Gold for Your Retirement”.