3 Compelling Reasons to Buy Gold Today

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Here we are again. Gold has broken the $1700.00 per ounce mark. Some would say that buying gold when it’s high may not be the best investment strategy. However, if you examine gold’s history and stability, you will find some very persuasive reasons to buy.

First: Gold’s New Low

Here’s the question everyone is asking: “How long will gold stay above the $1700.00 per ounce mark?” Even if it slides to $1675.00 per ounce we may still see a new low for gold. Two months ago, gold was holding steady at $1600.00 per ounce. Now that (as of Thursday) gold has grown to its new mark, many experts believe this to be just the beginning of gold’s rally. With high hopes for further economic stimulus on the horizon, investors may find themselves thinking “I should have bought gold when it was at only $1700.00 per ounce.”

Second: Inevitable Inflation

There are three certainties in life; death, taxes, and inflation. As long as inflation exists, gold and other precious metals will have no trouble seeing gains. Once investors understand this, the question of “When is the right time to buy gold?” fades away. Truthfully, anytime is the right time to buy gold. Don’t let inevitable inflation get the best of you. Take control and invest in gold today.

Case in point: many experts are crediting gold’s current rise to the recent talks of further economic stimulation. Another round of quantitative easing causes more money to be printed, ultimately triggering investors to purchase more gold to help safeguard their overall wealth.

Third: Gold Will Always Be Worth Something

This reason may sound ridiculous to some, but the fact is gold has been sought after since the beginning of mankind as we know it. Unfortunately, our paper money is just that – paper. It holds no value beyond our present economic health. Thus the question arises, “What will our money be worth when another massive recession happens?”

Gold has the power to transcend traditional forms of currency due to the fact it has been a global currency for thousands of years. It’s time to get away from placing our trust in paper money, as its performance is dependent upon an ongoing, healthy economy.

Take Action

If you are serious about buying gold, then buy gold. This means owning hard, physical coins and bars. Start protecting your wealth with this time-honored precious metal. Contact us today at American Bullion for more details and see how we can help.

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