How to Buy Physical Gold

Buying Physical Gold and Silver for Private Delivery

  • Tired of watching your stocks and mutual funds plummet in value?
  • Sick of earning less than one percent interest on your savings accounts and CDs?
  • Concerned about your advisor’s recommendation to “hold” despite overwhelming evidence that the economy continues to struggle?

Gold and Silver ownership isn’t limited to your retirement account.  American Bullion has also shown thousands of clients how to buy physical gold and silver for private custody.  If you are seeking to protect any cash assets outside of your retirement account or diversify your investment portfolio, then buying gold and silver for private ownership is one of the best options for you.  Through a quick, secure transaction, you can take delivery of your very own precious metal coins and bars and store them privately.

How to Invest and Purchase Physical Gold and Silver

Q:  I don’t have a retirement account but I want to learn how to buy physical gold and silver.  How can I work with your company?

A:  Easy!  You can use funds from any one of your various financial accounts to obtain your own precious  metals.  Many people have been holding on to lagging financial products/instruments in brokerage or trading accounts, CDs (Certificates of Deposits), annuity products, or savings accounts.  Most investments can be easily liquidated and converted to cash to obtain precious metals.

Q:  How do I buy physical gold and silver?

A:  Buying physical gold and silver can be a fast, secure, and simple transaction.  First, speak to a precious metals specialist at American Bullion and send your payment by wire from your local bank.  Wires are sent via the Fedwire system which is operated by the United States Federal Reserve. This system allows you to securely transfer funds from one bank account to another quickly and safely. American Bullion will process your order and will insure and ship out your metals immediately upon their availability.

Q:  Isn’t shipping metals to my home risky?  How do you ship my metals?  How will I receive my metals? 

A:  Each shipment of physical precious metals is delivered either through the United States Postal Service or FedEx and is 100% fully insured against loss or damage.  Your shipment may be delivered to any address you specify and will require an adult signature upon arrival.  The packaging is discrete and the contents are never listed on any outside labeling.

Q:  Why should I purchase physical gold instead of gold ETFs or stocks in a mining company?

A:  ETFs are simply paper products fabricated by Wall Street investment banks to mimic the performance of physical gold.  Buried in the ETF’s prospectus and legalese you will find the specific risks of holding a paper tracking stock, as compared to simply owning the real thing.  Mining stocks do not even claim to mimic the performance of gold; you actually own the performance of that specific company’s management.  Thus, even when gold prices rise, mining stocks could remain flat or decline due to company specific expenses, charges, or a business climate that affects their earnings.

Owning physical gold and silver  is one of the most efficient and direct ways of offsetting the falling dollar and adding stability to your portfolio. Contact American Bullion today –we’ll show you how simple it is to convert your paper assets into something real.

To learn more on how to purchase physical gold and silver for private protection, please call American Bullion today at 1-800-326-9598 to speak with a precious metals specialist.