Precious Metals Lower on Corrective, Profit-Taking Pullback


Los Angeles, CA – The precious metals markets took a corrective pull-back on Monday on investor profit taking and carry over selling from late last week. Gold traded approximately $20.00 lower around $1720 an ounce while silver traded down $0.24 to $33.50 an ounce Monday morning. As gold made the largest rally Read More

Gold Surges on U.S. Debt Deadline, Credit Downgrade Talks


Los Angeles, CA – With U.S. politicians at a stalemate over the 14.3 trillion dollar deficit just days before the debt default deadline, economists and financial analysts alike are predicting a downgrade of the United States’ credit rating. President Obama made comment that U.S. lawmakers’ indecision to raise the debt ceiling is Read More

Converting to Gold IRAs to Preserve Wealth


The market prices of gold, silver, and platinum are affected primarily by global supply and demand. In the past year, supply has been declining and demand has been increasing, resulting in a steady upward trend in market prices. Today the price of gold, the commodity most used for new IRAs, has been Read More